Message from the Masters: July 5, 2020

Message from the Masters Full Moon Celestial Gathering July 5, 2020   Greetings Dear Ones, We are happy to be in your presence once again. We understand your busy schedules and the tumults you are experiencing on earth. Thus, any time you expend in our presence is a treasure to us. We wish to give you good cheer that in the Big Picture, all is well. You see, from our experience outside of the world of duality, we are able to see the impermanence of…


Be Kind

Be kind to others and release the walls of separation. There is no need to be concerned about missing the "ascension" if you keep an awareness of being One with all as a goal. There are no perfect, right or wrong Paths. All lead to the same place, providing opportunity for varied experiences. Choose love, kindness and gratitude and you will be blessed abundantly. Take your mind off saving the world and pay attention to how you affect the world. Place your attention on areas…


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