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Message from the Masters: July 5, 2020

Message from the Masters
Full Moon Celestial Gathering
July 5, 2020


Greetings Dear Ones,

We are happy to be in your presence once again. We understand your busy schedules and the tumults you are experiencing on earth. Thus, any time you expend in our presence is a treasure to us. We wish to give you good cheer that in the Big Picture, all is well.

You see, from our experience outside of the world of duality, we are able to see the impermanence of earth and all the antics going on there. We wish that you could see from our perspective in hopes that you too would see that this is a temporary chosen space to experiment within a physical realm.

Know that many, indeed most, will not awaken during this lifetime. Thus, if your goal is to “save the world,” you are setting yourself up for failure, for this is not an attainable goal. Moreso, it truly is not your business to “save” anyone. By your example, you may show others another way…we refrain from saying a “better” way… for there is much value in the pitfalls.

Keep in mind that many come here to experience the pitfalls and extreme adventures, for they want to challenge themselves more than others. This is true for many who embody in tattered bodies and minds, as well as within families where there is much chaos. Others come here simply to anchor peace. In order to do this, you must simply live the Path of Peace. How you express this is up to you. As a co-creative being with free will, you have only the limits of the physical realm and universal laws. All else is yours freely to explore.

As you likely know, whatever actions you choose and even those you avoid, all set into motion an action/reactionary pattern. Some call this “karma,” others say, “you reap what you sow.” Be wary of the “boomerang effect” and choose to emit what you would like to receive in return. Lucky for you, not all will be returned right away, for some will come to experience the reactions in other life forms and timelines.

Our message today is a reminder to be wary of where you focus your thoughts and how you expend your time. Look at the things that do not give you pleasure. Scrutinize the things that bring you fear and pain. In many cases, you do not need to remain in these situations. If you think you are hooked up to your “twin flame” while this person is being abusive to you, then you have an erroneous view. Choose mates who will help you to expand your ability to love and gain inner peace. Foremost, place yourself in this position, so that you can also offer the same to those you hook up with. This goes for friends as well as lovers. Surround yourself with a network of supportive people.

Be mindful of where and how you expend your energy. Choose joy and peace. There is much tumult in the world and as expected, it is escalating. There is much that you do not have to be a part of. Choose your battles wisely, offering peaceful, love-based solutions or withdraw altogether from that specific battle. There are many other things you can choose to be a part of in which you can use your time, money, energy and talents.

Foremost, we wish to encourage you to go within and clear your inner mind of anything that is not serving you. Take the time to connect with your Higher Self, your personal spirit Team and the ascended Masters you feel drawn to. Then you will know which path is yours to take. You will avoid many unnecessary pitfalls. You will be led to the people and knowledge needed on your current step and those that will lead you to the next step.

As you experience and master one skill, those who need your support and encouragement will be drawn to you. Be ready to express with love, allowance and openness. Be wary of expending judgment, expectations and mandates upon anyone. Allow them, as well as yourself, to flow with whatever is presented to you.

We wish you the best and do hope that you will continue to gather with us during the Celestial Gatherings. The work we are doing at these times is phenomenal and well beyond anything you can imagine. It is not just the number of human participants who are joining in this work. Each of you brings a whole host of beings, as well. Each gathering, many in the unseen realms also join us. Those numbers have been growing each year. We now number well beyond the billions each session.

As you are likely aware, there is power when cohesive groups come together. We are not locked in human mentality. With our expanded view, we are able to do much good. However, without the permission from you in human form, we would not be able to intervene. Thus, the reason why we are so excited to share these moments with you.

You are the ones you’ve been waiting for… and we have been waiting for you to call upon us to join you. You are now awakening to your potential. There is much you can do, especially when you work in tandem with those who have the power to assist you. We are always available to assist, as we are able.

You are loved beyond measure.

Metatron and the SoulCleanse Team

Dictated by Theresa Crabtree

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