Your Future Begins Now

Your future begins now. On Earth, there is an increasing amount of light and higher frequencies as more humans tune into their spiritual nature, elevating everyone's capacity for love. As ripples go forth when a stone is tossed into a pond, so the frequency of love emanates from you. Love is an energy vibration that knows no bounds. It continues onward from you throughout all of creation. It is through the vibration of love traveling in an instant throughout creation that allows All to be…


Lightworkers Unite!

Lightworkers, gather together and visualize the world you wish to create. No longer can we sit idly by waiting for everyone else to do the work. Roll up your sleeves and delve into the work at hand. Working together, take the necessary steps to create this dream into reality. You have unique talents. Decide what role you wish to play during this transition. No role is too small; however, there is the risk of taking on too much. Decide for yourself which skills you have…

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Spiritual Roots

Your Spiritual roots are created from pure love. There is nothing in the world that does not come from the inspiration of pure love. This is difficult to grasp when surrounded by experiences of Not-Love. Until you step into your power and see the bigger picture of what is happening on Earth, it is hard to exist in such a place. Have patience, for there is much that you can do to assist with the changes that are currently taking place. Many Lightworkers have come…


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