Merge with Higher Self

You have the ability to consciously merge with your Higher Self while you are in physical form. Can you imagine the possibilities when you are in remembrance of your pure Self, yet still have the ability to enjoy the blessings of Earth? Abundance will come in all realms of your existence, for you will know how to create your desires out of thin air. There will be nothing that you cannot attain. However, you will still be bound by the basic laws of the universe.…


End the Suffering

Many wonder why God does not end the suffering on Earth. Yet the responsibility lies in the hands of each human. We were given the gift of free will. As creators, this permits us to express ourselves in a manner only limited by universal laws. Thus, the suffering on earth is a direct result of choices we make while incarnate. Review the history of humanity. The suffering we experience is due to the choices made by individuals over time. Many of us have incarnated before…


Soul Connection 21 ~ Thoughts are Frequencies

All things on earth carry a unique energetic signature pattern or frequency. The frequencies of love and gratitude are very high. As can be expected in our world of polarity, the opposite, the frequency of fear and darkness are very low. The earth itself resonates at a frequency that must be compatible with her inhabitants, or else life cannot be sustained. Emotions resonate at specific frequencies, just like material objects. Masters such as Gandhi and Mother Teresa focused on peace, rather than anti-war protests. They…


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