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Merge with Higher Self

You have the ability to consciously merge with your Higher Self while you are in physical form. Can you imagine the possibilities when you are in remembrance of your pure Self, yet still have the ability to enjoy the blessings of Earth? Abundance will come in all realms of your existence, for you will know how to create your desires out of thin air. There will be nothing that you cannot attain.

However, you will still be bound by the basic laws of the universe. These rules are not arbitrary. They were created as a means to allow the polarity game to occur. Thus, do not expect life on Earth to not harbor the Dark Side.

Life on Earth is like living in two places at once, creating confusion and many distractions.

You have been playing the game that included forgetting your spiritual roots. This was necessary in order to experience “Not Love.” However, you have the opportunity to purchase the new, updated version which allows you to play on the same game board. However, there is a new rule, one in which you are consciously merge with your Higher Self.

Even if you do not believe it is possible, you can play the pretend version of the game. Either way, live your life as though this is already true, that you have a spirit nature that is all love. Make your choices from this belief. Choose only things that bring you joy and happiness. Be kind to others. Pay attention to how you impact the world. Spend time in nature. Choose work and recreational activities that enhance your passion.

Begin now and allow your life to unfold in ways you never thought possible. Mahatma Gandhi was inspired to encourage you to be the change you wish to see in the world. Go forth and make this day special!

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