Evolution: Moving On

What is evolution? Evolution simply means to change or progress from one way of being to another. Do you not see yourself evolving when you gain deeper understanding of love and how to implement it in your life? Many compare evolution to ascension, yet in reality, they are the same.  The term “ascension” in its esoteric form was coined by those who understood that each emotion carries a specific frequency. Love and gratitude are two of the highest frequencies while fear and hate are very…


Soul Connection 16 ~ Gifting and Receiving

Abundance comes in many forms: good health, joy, friends, loving family members, a puppy's kiss, and anything that brings joy and assists in your evolution towards light and pure love. Within you is the power to manifest anything you want or wish to experience. All humans desire abundance on some level. This doesn't necessarily mean material goods, for there are many who prefer a simplistic lifestyle. However, all desire an abundance of peace, the ability to choose what they wish to experience and pleasurable relationships.…


Soul Connection 255 ~ Avatar Training

Within you lies all answers to any problem or situation you encounter. No one needs to tell you what to do or what is best for you. Trust your intuition and inner guidance. The ultimate choice of what is best for you in the moment, has much to do with the preferences you choose to experience. The best solutions may be tainted by fears and beliefs that keep you blocked from making choices that bring you joy. Clear these blocks on a daily basis, connect…


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