Message from the Masters Full Moon Celestial Gathering April 26, 2021 Greetings Dear Ones, Again, it is our greatest pleasure to communicate with you. If you only knew your True Roots, you would be in as much awe of yourselves as we are of you. There is much you can do along your awakening Path, but remember that nothing is more powerful than the creative choice you take during a conscious moment. We would like to see you have less concern for possible outcomes. Simply…


Evolution: Moving On

What is evolution? Evolution simply means to change or progress from one way of being to another. Do you not see yourself evolving when you gain deeper understanding of love and how to implement it in your life? Many compare evolution to ascension, yet in reality, they are the same.  The term “ascension” in its esoteric form was coined by those who understood that each emotion carries a specific frequency. Love and gratitude are two of the highest frequencies while fear and hate are very…



Conscious living is when you recognize and acknowledge your beliefs. Pay attention to the choices you make in each moment. These choices will blatantly and sometimes subtly lead you to the understanding of the foundations you have built your life upon. Take time daily to question your beliefs, not just for your benefit, but also for the betterment of all. We are all from the same Source and will return to the same Source. Once this is fully understood, it will be much easier for…


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