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Soul Connection 15 ~ Inner Housecleaning

Everyone comes from the same Source, full of love and light. If your life feels a little murky, know you have the power to clean up whatever isn’t working. It will take time and effort to undo the things that you have allowed, but it is well worth the effort to make the change if you truly want to experience peace and joy on a daily basis.

You can do it! You have the ability to go within and do some major housecleaning. Swipe away the cobwebs of disillusionment, sweep away those thoughts of low-self esteem and mop up all those memories of sadness and despair. It is time to wash your windows and let your light shine. Dismantle your walls of protection and the moat full of alligators. Open the door, lay down the welcome mat and allow others in.

All it takes is the desire to clean up your mess. Roll up your sleeves and begin, knowing that once you clear out the mess, your life will be easy to maintain. After the major work is completed, you will find yourself energized and with time on your hands to enjoy more creative endeavors. Take responsibility for your situations and how you respond to them. Be grateful for every experience, for they help you fine tune the reality you desire.

You created much of the mess you are in and you have the full ability to clean up that mess and make your life better than ever before. You are most deserving of a life filled with love and laughter. Reach out and grasp it!

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