FENG SHUI: Creating Places of Peace
in the Home, Office and Garden

FENG SHUI is the ancient Chinese art of geomancy
used to balance the flow of Life Force energy,
called “qi.”

Modern Feng Shui focuses on the placement of objects
to balance the energetic flow of qi.


Because stagnant energy and negative thinking creates disharmony. This, in turn, leads to dis-ease.

Therefore, balanced qi is essential, it IS the Life Force
that allows you to live a balanced, healthy life.

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Unlike many rigid rule-based Feng Shui books,
this handy reference guide encourages you to create “out of the box.” It is not a specific item or color that manifests your goals. Rather, it is setting the intentions with items and colors YOU love. This will ignite your creative juices and make your space a place you and your friends never want to leave! 

Feng Shui Creating Places of Peace Book Cover

FENG SHUI: CREATING PLACES OF PEACE  is filled with gems of wisdom to help you manifest your own space of heaven on earth. First, download the FREE eBook, Klutter Kontrol for tips on how to declutter and organize your home and office.

Then, utilize FENG SHUI: CREATING PLACES OF PEACE to enhance your home, office or garden. This book is perfect for those on the spiritual path of awakening.

Why? Because it utilizes the concepts you may already be familiar with that relate to the universal “Law of Attraction,” which the book, The Secret, was founded on. As a result, you will discover an unlimited number of ways to set your intentions.

For instance, there are chapters devoted to using essential oils, gemstones, objects, colors and shapes. So, mix and match to create your perfect space for meditation, relaxation, work and play!

Klutter Kontrol can help you organize and declutter your home and office!

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FREE eBook, Klutter Kontrol.


Klutter Kontrol is a small and concise booklet to help you with every phase of creating your places of peace. First step is to declutter your home or office. Next is how to get rid of the clutter. As a bonus, Klutter Kontrol offers several tips on each phase of hosting a garage sale.

Included are suggestions on organizing your home and office. After your clutter is under control, then utilize
to create good energy flow in your newly organized spaces!

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