Feng Shui: Creating Places of Peace book cover

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Feng Shui: Creating Places of Peace
is filled with gems of wisdom to help you break free
from limiting beliefs as you organize and declutter
your personal spaces.

Set your intentions using essential oils, gemstones, objects,
colors and shapes to create whatever you wish
to experience along your life Path.

Feng Shui: Creating Places of Peace will assist you
in making choices to “get out of the box”
and remain peaceful and balanced in all of your sacred spaces.

Creating Places of Peace
in the Home, Office and Garden

FENG SHUI is the ancient Chinese art of geomancy
used to balance the flow of Life Force energy, called “qi.”

Modern Feng Shui focuses on the placement of objects
to balance the energetic flow of qi.


Stagnant energy and negative thinking creates disharmony,
leading to dis-ease in the human body.

Balanced qi is essential, it IS the Life Force
that allows you to live a balanced, healthy life.

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Feng Shui can help you organize and declutter your home and office!

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Once your clutter is under control, utilize
Feng Shui: Creating Places of Peace
to create good energy flow in your newly organized spaces!

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