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Soul Connection 107 ~ Go Within or Go Without

There is an adage that says, “As above, so below.” There is another that is equally true, “Go within, or go without.”
As you look at yourself in the mirror, pay close attention to every detail of the way you present yourself to others. Starting from head to toe, look at everything: your hair (or lack of hair), make-up (or lack of make-up), jewelry, why you do or do not shave various parts of your body, tattoos, nails (manicured or not, painted or unpainted), perfume or cologne, beauty products, etc.
As you look at each detail, take time to notice how each makes you feel. If you like the effect, then keep it. If you don’t like the effect, then make the conscious choice to change it and take the steps to do so. You may find it interesting to discover the various reasons why you have developed these patterns. Do the same with your wardrobe, paying attention to the clothing styles and colors, shoes, belts, ties, etc. Then go through your home and do the same with each item. Keep the items that give you a warm feeling.
By surrounding yourself with uplifting items and clothing, your energy will be uplifted, as well. Each item you allow into your personal space carries energy with it. The energy comes from those who manufactured the item, those who have handled it, previous owners, the person who gifted it to you, as well as your reaction to the item based on any memories it brings to the surface.
Purge your environment from any items that bring up bad memories. Take time to look at the memory and heal the situation. When you can look at things without judgment or feeling any low vibration emotional reaction, you are well on your way to living a life of pure joy.

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