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Self Love

Self love is a challenge for most people. However, there is nothing more important on Earth than to become aware of your Spiritual Essence. Once you have enlightened your Self, your ability to love from a pure heart will exponentially increase.

Become aware of who you truly are.  Work through fears and beliefs that keep you from allowing love of Self and love from Source to flow through you. As you master this, the ability to be a role model for others will exponentially increase.

Your Higher Self and Spirit Guides offer their support. They encourage you to love yourself and to feel the love from them and your Higher Self. The next step is to extend love to all other Beings.

Be grateful for each experience, for each breath you take.
Feel joy in every moment and every step you make.

Excerpt from Universal Truth  © 2020  Theresa Crabtree. All Rights Reserved.
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