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Resolve Emotional Issues

Three things to remember when resolving emotional issues.

1. Allow others to do as they choose. This does not mean that you allow others to continually harm you or others, for you would do well to remove yourself from the presence of these persons. However, it does mean that you realize they are operating from their own set of beliefs and fears stemming from unresolved emotional issues. You do not have to adhere to their beliefs or change yours in order to get along. If they say or do things that are unkind, you do not have to believe their words or participate in their actions.

  1. Everyone has injured or been injured physically or emotionally by others, but you have within you the ability to heal your wounds, forgive yourself and all others, then move forward with your life. You cannot undo the past, but in this moment, the thoughts, words and actions you express are creating your future. Be mindful of all you say and do, choosing only those things that lead to the life you desire.

    3. Make a heart connection with every person you meet, especially your adversaries. This can be done remotely or when you are in their presence.

    Practice resolving emotional issues everyday and you will be astonished at how easy life becomes as you release false beliefs created in the past and the fear of possible future pain.


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  1. Maria Heretaki

    Beautifully worded dear Theresa!

    True compassion never encourages harm on self or any living thing.

    … Hence, not a passive character trade; as some would have you think.

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