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Relief for Covid Cabin Fever

Is Covid Cabin Fever getting you down?

Turn your covid quarantine into a staycation!

Answer personal emails and letters

Bathe with mineral salts or essential oils

Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while

Draw on a rock or paper; let your creative juices flow

Eat healthy foods and chew mindfully

Finish something you have been putting off

Gather things you don’t use for a giveaway

Hobby crafts

Invite family and friends to a virtual party

Jot down things in a Gratitude Journal

Keep an introspective diary

Listen to energizing music


Nap outside

Organize your house

Play an inspirational DVD or CD

Question your beliefs

Read an inspirational book

Soak up some sunshine

Take a walk in Nature

Uplift someone who is down

View virtual classes and inspirational videos

Watch the clouds, enjoying the shapes

Xerox your favorite inspirational quotes

Yoga with online videos

Zealously do something you have never done before

Use this time of social distancing to create your home into a Place of Peace.

Share what you are doing to make the best out of Covid Quarantine.



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