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Release Tension

Release tension by practicing this simple exercise throughout the day, to monitor where you are emotionally. Stop all you are doing, take a few breaths, then notice how you are feeling.

Is there tension or calmness? Are you feeling antsy or at peace? Are you afraid or confident?

Whenever you notice you are feeling tense, take a few long, slow and deep breaths allowing your muscles to relax. By making this a habit, eventually you will find yourself more peaceful and centered, no matter what is occurring around you.

You will have more mental clarity when relaxed and likely make better choices.

Your body contracts its muscles and uses more energy when it is tense. Your whole body becomes over-stressed when tension is allowed to build up on a regular basis.

Note what you are doing that is creating more stress. Then either change the behavior or take time to look at the stressor from new angles so that you can minimize and release tension.

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