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Power of Intention

The power of intention can radically change your life! Through the energy field of infinite possibilities, you have at your fingertips the ability to create whatever you wish to experience. The simple rule of manifestation is to focus your attention on what you want. Do not let your mind dwell on things you do not wish to experience. As unwanted thoughts creep in, redirect them to things you desire.

Practice makes perfect, yet unbeknownst to you, you already are perfect. As an ambassador of your Higher Self, you have the potential to create any reality you wish to experience, within the confines of the laws of the universe.

However, it is your belief, whether conscious or unconscious, that you are separated from Source that has allowed undesirable predicaments into your life. Plug back into the conscious awareness of your Higher Self.  Then you will be energized with a clear conduit to make choices for your highest good. Clearing the conduit entails removing fear and limiting beliefs.

Use the power of intention to visualize your goals. Use all your senses, then follow your intuition until you manifest it as your reality. Choose wisely and focus on what you wish to experience, for it will be!

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