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Message from the Masters: Celestial Gathering March 7, 2023

Message from the Masters
Full Moon Celestial Gathering
March 7, 2023

Greetings Dear Ones,

We are blessed beyond measure when you work in communion with us. You, even while in human form, have power beyond measure. If you only knew your capabilities, and of course, used them for the Good, life on earth would once again be reminiscent of the days of what you call the Garden of Eden.

Although there is much manipulation by forces and conscious beings that are beyond your control, there is still much that you can do to create this Eden within your personal living space. If you find yourself tied to humans who are unbearable and make it difficult for you to spread your wings, then it is past time to fly from that nest and build another.

Having a place of peace in which you regain your sanity and find inner peace on a daily basis is a must for anyone who wishes to awaken and use their creativity to the maximum. This space can be as simple as a closet or restroom. However, having a sanctuary in which you can build an altar and have a meditation space is preferential. In this space, have all you need to be able to relax, read spiritual material and to meditate. Make it a space that you look forward to visiting, a place where you can communion with your Creator. A space where you can review your day, make prayerful petitions and dare to dream of what you would like to create. This is a space that others in the household are trained to leave you alone during these inner times.

In order to blossom on the outside, you must nurture your inside. Those who do not take time to review their inner map are more likely to get lost in the maze of distractions. You need to know who you are and get in tune with your inner being, the True you, the part of you that created this incarnation. How will you know what your next best step is, if you don’t even think about it?

Before creating a building, an architect must first draw up a blueprint. You did the same before you entered this life. What is the use of a blueprint if builder never looks at the blueprint? In doing so, he may build something that looks magnificent, yet not functional for the purpose of the one who asked him to design the building. There first must be a mental plan before one can manifest something beautiful and functional in the physical realm.

Thus, you, in your more aware state, have done the same. You put a lot of effort and mental imagining into the creation of the purpose of this specific lifetime. There were specific things you wished to experience while in human form. An incredible amount of thought and discussion with your heavenly peers in your soul group went into this lifetime. Your being here has a purpose and it was well designed and then approved by your Council. Granted, some of you did bite off more than you can chew, but the Plan was still made and approved.

If you are feeling off balanced, depressed and anxious much of the time, then these are indicators that you are not following your Life Plan. This happens mainly when one does not meditate, tune in and reflect on a daily basis. Everyone makes decisions at times that are not in alignment with their Plan. Yet, upon reflection, one will likely recall several “red flags” that were warning them not to continue on that path. Going within to discover why the red flags or intuition were not heeded will usually lead to a fear, limiting belief or a feeling of obligation. In most cases those obligations were truly not yours to take on.

Thus, it would be of help for you to review those times to uncover the reason why you went against your intuition, your inner guidance. Perhaps you have gotten so far off your path that you don’t even know who you are or why you are here. You may feel helpless, hopeless and feeling you don’t belong here. However, we assure you that it is not an accident that you are here on earth at this moment in time. This was a well-planned adventure.

Some of the hardships that you are enduring are out of your control since you share a planet with billions of others. In addition, there are a countless number of other beings in various dimensions also having a part in what is happening on earth. Some for the good and some the bad; most putting in a mixture of both. This has created a lot of imbalance in the world. The collective consciousness is created out of this mixture of energies created by each of you. There is much that is out of your control. However, there is much that is in your control.

Take heed of what knocks you off balance and have the courage and take the time and diligence to take back the power you have given to others. There is much that you can clean up from your stored emotions from unresolved trauma. Yet, be sure to maintain a healthy balance between cleaning up the past while creating in the moment. For that is where the true action lies, right now, with whatever thoughts you choose to dwell on.

Your mind is constantly busy: creating, solving, listening, hearing, filing and many other “ings.” That is what it was designed to do. However, one creates with the thoughts that they choose to focus on. Thus, getting a handle on slowing down your thoughts and choosing to hone in on the ones that bring joy, passion and excitement. When these thoughts are in alignment with your Life Path and you have the courage and diligence to take the steps to make them come into fruition, then you will experience inner peace, joy, bliss and happiness beyond your belief.

We leave you with these words to ponder. We do hope that you find them to be of value, enough for you to take them to heart. There are so many of you that are needlessly suffering simply because you forgot of the power that lies within you. Divine Love is all that any of you are. Choosing to express it is up to you.

How will you express your Will? Will you use your Free Will to create freedom? Or will you use your will to keep yourself imprisoned? Know that you have the key to freedom, your Life Plan. It is inside you. It IS you.

Know that we love you beyond measure. You are never alone. Call on us at any time for guidance and assistance. When we consciously work together, there is much that can be done to uplift you, all of humanity and others beyond the earth.

You are blessed, always, in all ways,

Metatron and the Masters

** Transcribed by Reverend Theresa Crabtree. Please share with those who have ears to hear. Invite others to join us for future Celestial Gatherings.


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