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Message from the Masters 020523

Full Moon Celestial Gathering
Message from the Masters
February 5, 2023

Greetings Dear Ones,

We extend our deepest gratitude to those of you who choose to join with us on a regular basis. We wish to imprint onto you the importance of uniting together when it comes to supporting one another through this Transitional period on earth.

We understand the difficulties each of you are facing, for we too have walked on the earth and have suffered trials and tribulations. We encourage you to go within often to find solace, peace and fortitude. Do not hesitate to ask us for support. Know that in the Big Picture, all is well. There are no “accidents” as such and all is in order. Although there may seem to be great upheaval from your human perspective, know that all is playing out as it will by giving everyone an opportunity to experience Divine Love from the unique position that is only possible within realms such as what you have chosen to experience at this time.

Many of you still yearn to “go home,” yet we invite you to remember that you are home, no matter where you are. For within you is an aspect of your Higher Self/ Soul. You are never separate from Divine Source. There is a connectedness with all that is. To help you to remember this, allow yourself time to meditate deeply and ask to feel this connection. Whenever you are experiencing moments of joy or bliss, know that this IS the connection. It IS a remembrance of Divine Love. In that moment, you are consciously connected.

The more you nurture and expand these moments of joy and bliss, the easier it will be to feel the connectedness. The more you experience the expansion of Divine Love, the more passionate you will become in regards to your current life. Thus, fill your moments with thoughts of joy and bliss. Focus on the Divine flame within you and expand that energy outward. Speak less often, making note of the words you express. Be mindful of what you say before you let it slip from your lips, for the spoken word has great creative power whether it is used to expand love or create destruction.

Focus your mind upon those things that create more Divine Love, for every action is preceded by thought. The more you dwell on the goodness you would like to see in the world, the more you will experience these things. Thus, be mindful of what you focus upon in each moment.

Furthermore, be cognizant of the actions you choose. Ask yourself, “Does this bring me closer to Divine Lover or further away?” Then choose Love. When you do not choose love, do not berate yourself. Instead, in the next moment, calm yourself, refocus and choose to do better.

With these simple steps, you will quickly turn your life onto the Path that will lead you to the desired goal of awakening further to Truth. Be that Truth. Worry not about what others say and do. They are on their own Path and like you, their life will unfold at their own pace. Worry not about saving anyone. Rather, be a role model of the closest ideal of Divine Love that you can muster in each moment.

We love you beyond measure and are impressed with the growth you have shown. There is much work to be done to help yourself and others to awaken further to your potential. Fight the good fight with love, honor, truth and integrity. Love the darkest among you, for they too come from the same Source. There are many mysteries as to why people choose to do what they do. Rather than fearing them or expressing negativity towards them, attempt to hold the memory that we are all one. Recognize that each is doing the best they can in that moment as a result of their fears and limiting beliefs.

Go within often for Guidance and answers to your questions. Seek to experience the Source of Divine Love that is your birthright, that IS you. Allow this Love to flow more fully through and around you. Do not stop until within every breath you inhale love and then exhale love to all freely. This is the goal of the Seeker.

Again, we are grateful for this time of communion. Choose to create ways to express love that ignites your passion and ability to love at a deeper level. When you experience peace, know that you are on the right path. For peace is what allows you to make choices that will uplift you and encourage you to move forward.

You are blessed beyond measure and we admire your courage and fortitude.
Thank you for joining us at this time.

Metatron and the Masters


** Transcribed by Reverend Theresa Crabtree. Share this message with others. Plan to join us for the next Celestial Gathering.

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