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Message from the Masters: Unconditional Love

Equinox Celestial Gathering Message
September 23, 2019

Greetings and salutations on this day of seasonal change!

We are again delighted to join with you to celebrate the changing of seasons on this grand and glorious planet. Earth is a showcase among the many physical realms. Its beauty is hard to surpass, mainly for its variety and abundance of colors, flora and fauna. The human race is also one that is upheld as close to perfection with its functionalities.

However, the Dark has tainted the planet, as well as some unexpected surprises along the way. Yet, let us make the best use of the good with the bad. Though things seem a bit out of balance, and they are, there is much that you can do as an individual to assist with re-balance. This is what you call “unconditional love.” The closer you can get to unconditional love as individuals. The more you can be a part of balancing the energies on earth.

When you join together with us in groups such as the Celestial Gatherings, the work we do collectively has a massive impact. Not only will you receive the benefits of more attunement, but this will ripple forth from you. When in tandem, you do the work necessary to attain the highest degree of Divine Love, there are no limits to the healing that can take place.

As you know, when a cohesive group gathers together, the intention of the group is exponentially increased.

No longer is it just one sending out the signal. Not only is it two sending the signal. When more join in, the power magnifies in a way that makes it much more powerful than the number of participants. Keep in mind the untold number of “Unseen” helpers that join with us and your mind would be boggled to see the amount of work being done energetically. It would be likened in power to many nuclear explosions, but in a constructive form.

As you begin this new season, take time to set your individual intentions on what you would like to attain these next few months. Write these down and refer to them often. Go within and ask your Team for assistance in developing the steps to reach your goals. Then begin to implement them.

Start your day with gratitude. Focus on the FEELING of gratitude as well as sending yourself unconditional love. Ask to be reminded throughout the day when you are expressing love that is conditional. Then look at ways that you can turn this experience into one without judgment. The goal is to attain unconditional love for every experience you have. This includes interactions with others, as well as the experiences that didn’t turn out the way you had hoped.

Each interaction with another and each experience has the potential to awaken you further.

Look for the good in things… even those that have been the hardest to deal with. Each offers the gift of refining the preferred experience. If nothing else, it helps you to choose not to do that again… which then leads you to what you prefer to experience.

Be careful about judging others and their choices. For you do not know all that is happening behind the scenes. Don’t play “God” by judging others. For in doing so, you create an erroneous experience of God, who holds no judgment. You see, as creators, you can choose whatever you wish. That goes with the gift of Free Will. However, many don’t know the Truth of the Ages and therefore make choices based on fear and falsities. You each have done this and you each will do more of it. Thus, be careful not to cast the first stone.

Rather, focus on yourself and how you can be the best that you can be. Allow others to create their reality with their choices. You do not need to be a part of the drama they create. Beware of doing things out of “obligation,” especially if this brings you off your chosen Path. The Dark will use every trick it has to keep you from awakening. Be wary not to fall into it’s traps.

To ascend out of duality, you must gain assistance from those who have already mastered this realm.

Thus, tuning in with your Higher Self and Spirit Team is a must-do. Then you will have access to the ascended masters as well as a deeper understanding of the Creator of All. Ask and ye shall receive. But, you must do your part, for we cannot do the work for you. We will not stomp on your Free Will choices. We will not put more effort into your awakening than you do for yourself. To do otherwise creates an imbalance, or co-dependence as it is often called.

We are here to help you to become autonomous. It is your right to be sovereign over your life. Walk hand in hand with your Higher Self and receive the blessings the universe has to offer you. All of you are worthy of this Path. Yet, only a few will do the inner work to attain the goal of ascension in this lifetime.

Do not be overly concerned with those who do not have the goal of ascension. For there is a time and place for all, whether later in this lifetime or in another. In the end, we will all reunite with Source in Pure Love. There is no rush. No one is going to miss the bus. Thus, enjoy the journey, for the destination is assured. Even the Dark will return to the Light, when the Time is right.

So, eat, drink and be merry. Find ways to express Unconditional Love each day.

That is the basis of your mission, why you came to earth at this time. Whether you express this through art, cleaning houses, sending ships into outer space or bagging groceries… love is love. As creators, choose how you wish to express love in your unique way. Celebrate diversity by expressing kindness to others and pat them on the back for showing love in their unique way.

You all are equals to each other. You are equal to us. We are all hologramic expressions of each other. We truly are all one, just experiencing ourselves in unique ways. This adds color and texture to the tapestry that we are weaving.

Go forth now and plan your expressions of Love. Watch for the synchronicities to happen so that you can express and receive love when and how you least expect it.

We look forward to meeting with you in unity at the New Moon Celestial Gathering.
Much love,
The Masters

Feel free to share this message in its entirety.
Theresa Crabtree

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