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Inmate Testimonial

It is heart warming for me to receive letters of appreciation from Seeking inmates who are blessed by the books I have written and donated to them. Moreso, there is a growing excitement for Enlightenment Behind Bars which is a series of spiritual lessons written by inmates that I have befriended. This book is an inspiration for all Seekers and especially for those behind bars who are struggling to awaken while living in the “Belly of the Beast.” It has the factor, “If I can do it, you can, too.”

Each week I receive letters from inmates expressing their appreciation. I can’t do this work without the financial support of others. Especially since my funds are limited because I offer my services by donation so that no one is ever turned away due to lack of funds.

If you would like to donate to Books 4 Inmates, click here. Every dollar counts! One day, these inmates will be your neighbors. In the meantime, they are shining their light in the darkest places on earth, prison. Your support is very much appreciated.

Here’s a letter from Jose who is currently incarcerated in Texas.

“Thank you for sending me Enlightenment Behind Bars and Universal Truth. They have a lot of things in them which really help me as I’m bettering myself.

I’d also like to thank you on behalf of the ones who also received these books and don’t have a way to say thank you.

I’d like to let you know that with me, your gift is appreciated. You are a good person to be doing something for people who have made mistakes in their life. Bringing something positive which can help somebody better themselves, get relief from stress or realize who they truly are.

I hang out with people who are bettering themselves and I also encourage people to do better, not to give up and to break their addictions and bad habits. I sometimes use things I get from your books when doing that.

I have seen change in myself… knowledge is power when put into action… and is positive. It brings smiles to us and our loved ones when we do better.

Today I hope I bring a smile to you and a reminder that you are doing something really powerful with your kindness.”

Thank you, Sincerely, Jose

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Have a wonder filled day!


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