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The books below are offered freely to
Prison Chaplain Libraries,
Prison Reading Libraries and to inmates with over a year to serve. 


Books 4 Inmates
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Sales from all books on this website are used to fund Books 4 Inmates.

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 Your donation to Books 4 Inmates will place spiritual books into the hands of incarcerated people who are seeking higher consciousness.

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BOOKS 4 INMATES began over a decade ago, with the donation of my first book, Mayan Messages: Daily Guide to Empowerment to over 1,100 U.S. Federal and State prisons.

On the first page of the book, there is an invitation for inmates to write for a free, personal copy. To date, over two thousand incarcerated people have received a free copy. Many are gathering in study groups to share the contents with their peers.

In 2019, I invited ten inmates to share their wisdom in a compilation of spiritual lessons to be donated to prisons and inmates. Thus, Enlightenment Behind Bars began its birthing process. 

In addition, Universal Truth: Tools for Transformation is also offered freely to prison libraries and individual inmates.

Much admiration is extended to those who have turned their lives around while living in one of the most difficult situations one can imagine… prison. Their determination to journey toward spiritual awareness is a great source of inspiration to all Seekers of Truth. 


The next goal where I can use your help is to
collect enough funds to purchase the supplies
needed to send 734 letters to Prison Chaplains
and Prison Librarians to offer them free copies
of Mayan Messages
Enlightenment Behind Bars 
and Universal Truth!

Every dollars helps!
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 A grateful thank you to the donors who helped
reach the goal of $415.40 to send back order
copies of Enlightenment Behind Bars
and Universal Truth to 31 inmates!

They have all received their books and feel especially thankful for the “outside” support.
during their awakening process.

Many have no family or friends to support their personal needs or spiritual awakening.

Every dollars helps!
Thank you!


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Enlightenment Behind Bars is a compilation of spiritual lessons written by nine men and one woman while incarcerated in prison. 

With an accumulated total of nearly 200 years behind bars, their fortitude and ability to obtain spiritual growth while in the “Belly of the Beast” speaks volumes in and of itself.

Meet each writer as they share their journey of awakening while behind bars. Each of them includes several lessons on spirituality to help expand your conscious awareness.

From their varied backgrounds and research, you will be introduced to nuggets of Truth gained from many religious outlets including, but not limited to, Christianity, Buddhism, Neterianism, Kabbalah, Islam
and Native American Spiritualism. 

Included are spiritual practices such as meditations and prayers that have helped them on their awakening path. Browse their recommended reading list to spur you onto more research along your Path as a Seeker.

Enlightenment Behind Bars will help to free your mind, whether you currently find yourself imprisoned in the Department of Corrections or the prison created within your own mind.
EBB Front Cover of Book

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Damon Scott-Stout

Damon C. Stout photo with hat

Incarcerated at 19, Damon spent the next 24 years of his life behind bars.
He was released in the Fall of 2019.

Much of his prison time has been spent in spiritual studies.
As an artist and astrologist, he hand-made intricate astrology charts for his clients.

Damon is a Euro-Shaman, of Vanatru lineage and a self-practitioner of the Irminsuli tradition for over 15 years.


The Sacred Wheel
Five Degrees of Initiation
Divine Being and Existence
Introduction to the Kabbalah Tree of Life

Carl “Oooh Bay” Robinson

Carl Robinson photo with plaid hat.

By the age of 42, Carl had spent 16 years behind bars. Much of the latter years of incarceration were spent in spiritual studies of several disciplines.

While in prison, Carl began to create unique jewelry relating to the client’s birth sign and other areas of interest. He also enjoyed participating in the “Paws for Life Prison Program” as a dog trainer.

Upon his release in 2019, Carl has created Sokul Body Wear: Hand-Crafted Designer Jewelry.
Check out his designs here.  https://sokulbodywear.com

As a singer – songwriter, “the Sun returned home” pours out memories of life in a soul-stirring raspy voice, adding heart to any track he is on.
In the fall of 2020, he married the love of his life!


Visualization of Cleansing Elements
The What, The How and the Why of God



Anastazia Schmid photo leaving courthouse

After serving 18 years, Anastazia was released in 2019, after making a positive impact on hundreds of women in and out of prison.

As she witnessed many injustices in the judicial and prison systems, Anastazia has become a voice for the voiceless.

An eloquent writer and speaker, dedicated to exposing the truth, Anastazia has the potential and drive to change laws, improving the lives of many. In 2020, she completed her graduate studies and began her PhD studies in the Fall of 2020.


Truth and Trauma
Return to the Goddess
Meditation for Invoking the Goddess Within

Click here to listen to Anastazia speak
on the topic of “Truth and Trauma.”

Darris Drake, Jr.

Darris Drake 111120

At age 24, Darris was facing a 20 year sentence while recuperating from gunshot wounds that had him knocking on Death’s door. After 16 months of determination, he beat all odds and regained use of his legs.

Eight years into his incarceration, he regained his will to better himself. Thus, began his educational and spiritual awakening.

The first class he took was on the subject of “Chemical Dependency.”

The instructor encouraged him to keep a daily journal and to share his writings with others in the group. Before long, they began to open each group session with one of his thought-provoking journal entries.

Darris has found his purpose in life through expressing himself through his writings and helping others.


The Nature of Freedom
Mental Atrophy
Focused Visualization


Scott Hayden

Scott is currently serving over 20 years on a 50 year sentence. In 2023, he goes before the Parole Board for his first chance of regaining his freedom.

Like all of these writers, Scott experienced his awakening while in prison. He dedicates most of his free time to spiritual studies and practice, sharing his knowledge with those who are interested.


The River of Mind
The Divine Ground
Spirituality and Religion
Buddhism: A Single Step
Fragmentation and Wholeness
The Inner Transformation Method
Plus 6 more!


Male fingers sewing a pillow.

Sewing was one of the “hustles” that Needles used to buy and barter what he needed and shared with others during his 7 years behind bars.

We share a common passion, getting spiritual reading material into the hands of those who are incarcerated.

While in prison, Needles encouraged dozens of inmates to write to me for a free copy of my book, Mayan Messages.

Released in 2019, Needles immediately hit the used bookstores, using what little money he had, on the hunt for books to gift to spiritual Seekers he had met in prison.


What is Karma?
Sin in Perspective
Is Reincarnation Real?
Manifesting Abundance
Do Angels and Devils Exist?
Be Careful what You Wish For!
Plus 13 more topics!

Richard Francis

Richard Francis Mugshot

Richard began his awakening journey in 2016, four years after his current incarceration began.

During this time, he has become an avid Seeker of Truth and a prolific writer, creating several fictional manuscripts.

He has also created several “jail-house” spiritual booklets that he offers freely to his peers.

Stay Positive
Divine Timing
You Reap What you Sow

Thoughts Become Reality
Foundation: Key Element in Life
Forgiveness: Key to Inner Peace

Positive Actions = Positive Results
The Holy Spirit: A Powerful Blessing
Gratitude: Key Element for Blessings

Joe Kinney

At 19 years of age, Joe was hit with a sobering 36-72 year sentence. He is currently serving his 35th year.

Joe participates and often leads the Native American circle at his prison, which includes the sweat lodge and pipe ceremonies, dedicating his life to the “Red Road.”

After years as a carpenter and making license plates, he was happy to be part of the Canine Behavior Modification program.



Living in the Moment
The Seven Grandfather Teachings of the Red Road

Marshal McWilliams

At 12 years of age, Marshal was sent to the local “Holy Man” and began his tutelage. When 16, he was presented to the Tribal Council and received his certificate, verifying him as a recognized “Holy Man.”

Two months, later, his beloved mentor crossed over, which sent Marshal into a downward spiral, setting aside the teachings he had acquired.

Falsely accused at age 31, he has been in prison since 1997. Yet, this became a blessing in disguise, for being forced from his family and freedom, he eventually began to see life with a more expanded lens.

In 2001, he turned his life over to Jesus and began studying the Bible. In 2002, he was accepted into the prison’s Native American Circle, where he soon became recognized as a leader.


Be Still
The Feather
The Red Road
Trust and Faith
Peyote Dreams
The Medicine Wheel
What do you need if…?
What do you want or expect from this…?

Mark Robinson

Mark Richardson Headshot

After serving 23 years, Mark was released in 2018.

In less than two years after his release, Mark has received Reiki attunements, completed Barber school and married his high school sweetheart!


We are All Creators

Spiritual vs Material Based Life
Obtaining Peace Through Forgiveness
Tonglen Giving and Receiving Meditation
Unity Consciousness vs Separation Theology

Help Donate these books to Prison Libraries and Inmates!

Mayan Messages is a collection of 260 daily inspirational quotes and meditations. They offer solutions to problems in all areas of your life. In addition, the Messages address how we create our reality. Emphasis is placed on monitoring one’s thoughts, words and actions. 

Mayan Messages offers many tools to assist with your spiritual growth! 
Read more…

Enlightenment Behind Bars is a compilation of spiritual lessons written by ten incarcerated people while in prison.

Meet each writer as they share their journey of awakening while in the “Belly of the Beast.”

Included are their favorite spiritual practices such as meditation, prayers and their recommended reading list for Seekers of Truth.  Read more…

Universal Truth is a collection of over 200 daily inspirational messages. These are not just “feel good” quotes, but practical tips and meditations you can easily incorporate into your daily life to:

* Release Emotional Blocks
* Build Better Relationships
* Gain Mental Clarity
* Nurture Body, Mind and Soul

Read more…


Every day, Books 4 Inmates receives requests
from incarcerated people for free copies of these books.

Your donation will put spiritual books in the hands
of those walking their awakening Path while in prison.


Inmates Praise Mayan Messages

Wyatt in Missouri

“Before I came to prison I had started walking the Red Road. Those teachings are parallel to yours. Since starting reading your book, I am re-inspired to make a difference in my Self and on Mother Earth.     Thank you!”
Wyatt ‘Dreams with Heart’ in Missouri

David from California

“I’ve read a LOT of books and material on spirituality and am a serious student of all things spiritual. Mayan Messages is a fabulous example of the synthesisation of timeless wisdom and new age language which makes it current and interesting to all.”
David from California

Angie in Illinois

“The Mayan Messages are very beneficial for making positive changes in one’s life. I plan to share my copies with as many people as I can. I am a Buddhist practitioner and the books have a lot of the same teachings, just worded differently. The Mayan Messages will help with my path. I am very grateful for you sending me them free of charge. It is very kind of you. Not many people do things like this for the incarcerated.”
Angie in Illinois

Carlos in Florida

“I can say that the Mayan Messages are not only the best books I’ve ever read, but also I can relate myself to what is in the books. I was born and raised in Mexico, educated with true Mexican Principles. Now reading your books, I started to remember things my Mom does or said to me in childhood. These books have an important message in every small paragraph and more people should read and study the true meaning of physical death and spiritual life.     Blessings from my heart.”
Carlos in Florida

R.T.  Illinois

“I have been part of the inspiration crew. During our morning meetings, we are reading that day’s Mayan Message to the group and getting good feedback and appreciation from most of the members. Also, when I was in a lot of suffering and disconnectedness, your books helped me reconnect and KNOW that I was not alone. The Mayan Messages have totally lifted my spirit!   Namaste, In Lakesh”
R.T.  Illinois

Paul in New Mexico

“The messages from these spirits have changed my life. You see I am a Christian. I know there are missing pieces in the Bible. I have been studying other religions, theology and philosophy. God has told me there is truth in all religions. I’m finding this to be true. The positive spirits in the Mayan Messages are very powerful. I believe in Love, Unity & Peace. I know this world as we know it is not our reality, but we still need to play our script. I’m on the path to true light. But I still need help, because I’m only a student but would like to be a teacher someday, perhaps a master. I will continue to pray for your ministry.   Thank you.”
Paul in New Mexico

Robert in Colorado

“The Mayan Messages expand and bring together The Secret, James Redfield’s works and some other readings that I’ve found while here in prison. I have spent my whole time in treatment for alcoholism and am grateful for these Daily Lessons. I’ve shared them with a few others who are willing to change. Change is a process Not an Event. These daily messages are a wonderful and honest way to look at life. Thank you for the exciting and positive work that you have put together.”
Robert in Colorado

Donald in Iowa

“I am a High Priest in Wicca here at the prison and we use the Mayan Messages in our group.”
Donald in Iowa

Dennis in Louisiana

“Five of us have gotten together and started our own little group. We meet out in the yard once a week. The day of the new and full moon, we do our own little ritual. We give thanks to the Gods for you, for bringing us the Mayan Messages which we read at each ritual. The Mayan Messages give us an inner peace.”
Dennis in Louisiana