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Reverend Theresa Crabtree
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Mayan Messages and Universal Truth
are offered freely to
Prison Chaplain Libraries,
Prison Reading Libraries and to inmates with over a year to serve. 

Books 4 Inmates
pays for all printing, shipping,
handling and postage. 


Sales from all books on this website are used to fund Books 4 Inmates.

Prison Vision: Inmate in Library

 Your support of Books 4 Inmates will place spiritual books into the hands of incarcerated people who are seeking higher consciousness.

BOOKS 4 INMATES began over a decade ago, with the donation of my first book, Mayan Messages: Daily Guide to Empowerment to over 1,100 U.S. Federal and State prisons.

On the first page of the book, there is an invitation for inmates to write for a free, personal copy. To date, over two thousand incarcerated people have received a free copy. Many are gathering in study groups to share the contents with their peers.



Universal Truth: Tools for Transformation is also offered freely to prison libraries and individual inmates.

Much admiration is extended to those who have turned their lives around while living in one of the most difficult situations one can imagine… prison. Their determination to journey toward spiritual awareness is a great source of inspiration to all Seekers of Truth. 

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Help Donate these books to Prison Libraries and Inmates!

Mayan Messages is a collection of 260 daily inspirational quotes and meditations. They offer solutions to problems in all areas of your life. In addition, the Messages address how we create our reality. Emphasis is placed on monitoring one’s thoughts, words and actions. 

Mayan Messages offers many tools to assist with your spiritual growth! 
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Universal Truth is a collection of over 200 daily inspirational messages. These are not just “feel good” quotes, but practical tips and meditations you can easily incorporate into your daily life to:

* Release Emotional Blocks
* Build Better Relationships
* Gain Mental Clarity
* Nurture Body, Mind and Soul

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Every day, Books 4 Inmates receives requests
from incarcerated people for free copies of these books.

Your support will put spiritual books in the hands
of those walking their awakening Path while in prison.


Inmates Praise Mayan Messages

Paul in New Mexico

“The messages from these spirits have changed my life. You see I am a Christian. I know there are missing pieces in the Bible. I have been studying other religions, theology and philosophy. God has told me there is truth in all religions. I’m finding this to be true. The positive spirits in the Mayan Messages are very powerful. I believe in Love, Unity & Peace. I know this world as we know it is not our reality, but we still need to play our script. I’m on the path to true light. But I still need help, because I’m only a student but would like to be a teacher someday, perhaps a master. I will continue to pray for your ministry.   Thank you.”
Paul in New Mexico

Robert in Colorado

“The Mayan Messages expand and bring together The Secret, James Redfield’s works and some other readings that I’ve found while here in prison. I have spent my whole time in treatment for alcoholism and am grateful for these Daily Lessons. I’ve shared them with a few others who are willing to change. Change is a process Not an Event. These daily messages are a wonderful and honest way to look at life. Thank you for the exciting and positive work that you have put together.”
Robert in Colorado

Dennis in Louisiana

“Five of us have gotten together and started our own little group. We meet out in the yard once a week. The day of the new and full moon, we do our own little ritual. We give thanks to the Gods for you, for bringing us the Mayan Messages which we read at each ritual. The Mayan Messages give us an inner peace.”
Dennis in Louisiana

Angie in Illinois

“The Mayan Messages are very beneficial for making positive changes in one’s life. I plan to share my copies with as many people as I can. I am a Buddhist practitioner and the books have a lot of the same teachings, just worded differently. The Mayan Messages will help with my path. I am very grateful for you sending me them free of charge. It is very kind of you. Not many people do things like this for the incarcerated.”
Angie in Illinois

Donald in Iowa

“I am a High Priest in Wicca here at the prison and we use the Mayan Messages in our group.”
Donald in Iowa

Carlos in Florida

“I can say that the Mayan Messages are not only the best books I’ve ever read, but also I can relate myself to what is in the books. I was born and raised in Mexico, educated with true Mexican Principles. Now reading your books, I started to remember things my Mom does or said to me in childhood. These books have an important message in every small paragraph and more people should read and study the true meaning of physical death and spiritual life.     Blessings from my heart.”
Carlos in Florida

David from California

“I’ve read a LOT of books and material on spirituality and am a serious student of all things spiritual. Mayan Messages is a fabulous example of the synthesisation of timeless wisdom and new age language which makes it current and interesting to all.”
David from California

Wyatt in Missouri

“Before I came to prison I had started walking the Red Road. Those teachings are parallel to yours. Since starting reading your book, I am re-inspired to make a difference in my Self and on Mother Earth.     Thank you!”
Wyatt ‘Dreams with Heart’ in Missouri

R.T.  Illinois

“I have been part of the inspiration crew. During our morning meetings, we are reading that day’s Mayan Message to the group and getting good feedback and appreciation from most of the members. Also, when I was in a lot of suffering and disconnectedness, your books helped me reconnect and KNOW that I was not alone. The Mayan Messages have totally lifted my spirit!   Namaste, In Lakesh”
R.T.  Illinois