Welcome to my Prison Vision!

It is not a secret that worldwide,
millions of innocent people are incarcerated.

It is also well-known that throughout the prison system,
there is corruption and a vast overhaul is needed
in the archaic way that errant humans are treated.

The system is too big for me to defeat, so I offer what I can
to incarcerated people who are interested in spending
their “time” in pursuit of spiritual awareness.

I invite you to join me on this journey.


How it Began

In the spring of 2010, after several years of resistance, I finally sat down to “talk” with some Spirit Beings that had been nagging me for awhile. As they talked, I typed, and eventually the result became my first book,  Mayan Messages: Daily Guide to Self-Empowerment.

When I finished the first draft, I went into meditation to ask about the next step. I fully expected to get a marketing plan, but noooooo. Instead of a marketing plan, what I heard was, “If you don’t mind, will you donate this book to all of the U.S. federal and state prisons?”  After I recovered from that shock, they also insisted that I include my address encouraging inmates to write for a free personal copy. 

It took an average of five phone calls and/or letters to each institution in order to gain permission to donate the Mayan Messages to their prison’s library. Two years later, donated copies of the book had landed in 1,100 prisons. 

Immediately, I began to receive requests from inmates asking for a free copy of the book. As of July 2018, over 1100 copies have been donated to individual inmates and a few staff members. 

Part of the proceeds from all books, services and products on this website are used to fund Books4Inmates.



Your donation places spiritual material into the hands of inmates who are seeking to turn their lives around.

Answering The Call: Inmate Collaboration Book



Keep us in your prayers!

Recently, I received another call from “Above.” This time the request was to invite several of the inmates that I have befriended to collaborate on a spiritual book for spiritual seekers. It has been interesting that of all the lessons submitted thus far, not one is on the same topic! What they are sharing is inspiring and insightful!

In addition, each has been asked to submit spiritual practices they have benefited them, such as yoga, art and meditation. They are also including names of books and resources that have helped them along their path. I will use this information to create a bibliography and resource guide which will be useful for those who are incarcerated.

My role is to follow the road that was laid out with the Mayan Messages. That means back to the computer to edit, format, and create the cover. Once each of the authors gives their final approval, the next step will be to contact the prisons in order to get the books on their library shelve

Help donate the Mayan Messages to prison inmates!


Mayan Messages front cover


Every day, I receive requests from inmates
for free copies of the Mayan Messages.

Your donation will put spiritual books in the hands of inmates
who are seeking to make better life choices.

Will you help?

Mayan Messages offers 260 inspirational messages, tools
and resources that encourage the reader to change non-beneficial thoughts, words and actions in order to create
a  more balanced life.

Learn more about the book on the Mayan Messages page.

As of July, 2018, the Mayan Messages have been donated to over 1,100 prison libraries and over 1,100 inmates!

There is a growing number of inmates who are gathering
with their peers for regular study groups using the
Mayan Messages as their guide.

Many inmates and prison staff have shared how the
Mayan Messages are helping them make better choices in life.

Read excerpts from their inspiring letters below.

Inmate Responses to the Mayan Messages

“I absolutely love the Mayan Messages. They speak to me in a way I’m not sure how to articulate. They just feel real, true. It’s hard to describe. These messages have made me see some things differently and to see others in a clearer way. Thank you with all my heart and soul.”

 Monica in Illinois

“Reverend Crabtree, you have written the best book I’ve read in my life, delivering immaculate wisdom and knowledge I haven’t read in any previous book. I am transforming into a very spiritual individual. I am not a master, but I’m not as ignorant as I once was.”

Richard in Florida

“I am currently serving a 19 year sentence for aggravated robbery. My life’s choices led me to this incarceration and I wish to use this time to better myself. I was really about to give up and then the Mayan Messages came. It was a sign to me, to grow, not give in. You were my last hope.”

S.M. Kansas

“The Mayan Messages are having a massive positive impact on my life as well as those within my housing unit that now come to me daily to share these Messages. I’m finding that the timing of the daily messages perfectly coincides with areas I am currently working on.

I’m persistently striving to become one with the truth and most importantly learning how to live. It certainly didn’t take me long to examine the Mayan Messages and note their value and importance. The icing on the cake for me.”

Anastazia in Indiana

“The Mayan Messages have totally lifted my spirit! I have been part of the inspiration crew during our morning meetings and reading that day’s Mayan Message to the group and have been getting good feedback and appreciation from most of the members.

When I was in a lot of suffering and disconnectedness, your books helped me reconnect and KNOW that I was not alone.
Namaste, In Lakesh”

R.T. in Illinois

“I have struggled my whole life with various issues that have hindered me in numerous areas of my life. When I read the first day in Mayan Messages, I was overcome with a feeling that can only be described as hope and to the point I felt like crying.

I have never in my 30 years of living felt so alive or felt so positive about my future. I also felt loads of guilt fall away from things I have done in my past. I was able to finally forgive myself for my actions of the past. I can’t seem to understand how the first reading enabled me to do this but it did.

My cellie {cellmate} has a hard time reading, so I read the Messages out loud to him and he understands most of it. It makes me feel good to know I am helping someone else better their life. I also find that if I don’t read the Messages in the morning, my whole day is a mess, so I try to not let that happen.”

David in Kentucky

“I have had so many people ask me about the Mayan Messages because I work as a clerk in the library. These books have really helped me to get ready when I get out of prison.”

R. S. in Louisiana

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