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Fact or Fiction?

Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between fact or fiction when you are emotionally engaged while reading a book or watching a movie.

If your mind is filled with images and emotions from the book or movie you are engaged in, it will log those memories as though they were real. Later, you may get upset and not know the reason for it, sometimes it is because a memory from a book or movie has slipped in.

There have been many studies related to this phenomenon. Soap operas are one example. People who engross themselves in these stories get emotionally charged while watching the program and have difficulty distinguishing between the actors and the roles they play. Often actors receive hate mail when they play the role of a bad guy. Those portraying doctors often receive mail asking for medical advice.

People who religiously watch soap operas have an increase in divorce and relationship breakups because they have witnessed betrayal repeatedly and begun to mistrust their mates. Children and adults who watch action movies tend to be more aggressive. Viewers have become depressed from movies and books, having related to the characters as though they were close friends.

Be mindful of where you focus your attention, for your thoughts create your reality. If it is love, peace and happiness you wish to experience, then choose thoughts and activities that lead to your desired goal.

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