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As part of your enlightenment, you have the power to mold yourself into the person you choose to be. Release negative thinking and behaviors built on fear and erroneous beliefs. Consciously connect with your Higher Self until you walk as one.

Shed old skins of mistrust, unhappiness, powerlessness, comparisons and all things that keep you feeling separate from others and Source. These are illusions, part of the play that you have been engaged in.

Be clear about the things you wish to manifest and experience. When your emotions match your thoughts, words and actions, the Heavenly Helpers can assist in creating your vision.

Be joyful in every choice you make. Be thankful for every step you take, no matter how fearful or challenging. Stay in the moment, with gratitude, and you will find that your behaviors can be changed with little effort.

Being aware and conscious of what you say and do is enlightening.
Releasing behaviors and thoughts that no longer serve you is enlightenment.

Lighten up and experience life to the fullest!  Within you likes all that is needed to shed the skins of defeat and negativity. Wrap yourself in your new skin, loving every part of your new self. Share what you learn with others, giving them hope that they, too, can shed behaviors that keep them in a state of separation.

Always remember that you are fully connected to Source, not by a string, but within every cell of your body. Within every element of your physical Being and energy field is the hologramic image of the One. This interweaves you with all others, for all are a part of Source. You are not just brothers and sisters, you are your brother, you are your sister, you are the trees, you are the birds. Ponder these words until you fully grasp their meaning. This will lead you to unconditional love.


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