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Change Beliefs

Your current beliefs hold tremendous power over the ability to make choices that are in your best interest. Think back on times when you adhered to a specific truth, no matter how trivial it was. Then remember the feelings and thoughts surrounding that belief when you had an “Aha!” moment and discarded the initial thought for another. Notice how you also changed various patterns and behaviors associated with the old beliefs that did not fit your new paradigm.

You have thousands of these beliefs running this very minute. It is in your best interest to seek them out and decide which need to be strengthened and which need to be discarded. Your life will become magical when you clean out the beliefs that are keeping you enslaved with fearful thoughts. Each non-beneficial belief you discard will open doors of opportunities that are currently closed to you.

You have within, the ability to do this work. It is the most important job you have and the benefits are tremendous! Many are overly concerned about changing, helping and saving others, yet do not go within and take care of their own weaknesses. First, look at the beam in your eye before you concern yourself with the splinter in another’s eye, otherwise, you will simply be the blind leading the blind.

Stay in the moment and observe your thoughts, actions and emotions. Question yourself as honestly as you can, “Why do I live this way?” Bless each action as a learning tool or simply an experience. Let the healing begin and let your Soul guide you to make the changes that will enhance your life on Earth.


Check out the Inner Child Healing exercise which is a great way to uncover false beliefs set up during traumatic events.


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