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Body Talks

Your body talks to you all the time.
Are you listening?

We store our emotions in our physical body. When you feel pain, discomfort or experience dis-ease, it is a warning that something in your emotional or mental fields are off balance. Take time to go within and seek the root cause.

Body weight can also be managed simply by listening and honoring the messages signaling when to eat, drink or fast.

Before making a food selection at a restaurant, ask your body what it wants. With practice you will “hear” what is best for it, but then you have to follow through, which can be the hardest part.  😉

Always stop eating before you full. If you mindfully chew slowly, rather than gulping your food, you will be more likely to get the “stop” message before it is too late. If you constantly have indigestion problems and feel bloated, overeating could be the culprit.

Drink plenty of water each day. Not only will that help curb your appetite, but it will refresh every cell in your body. You will have more energy, clarity and feel better overall.


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