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How will you express peace and love today?

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  1. Jessica Nauth

    I will express peace and love in my life today, by letting go. By letting loose the tight grip I’ve held myself and loved ones in. When I stop trying to hold myself and loved ones up to an unrealistic standard and let everyone just BE- I’m that much closer to inner peace. When I realize its easier to control myself, my own unreasonable thoughts,judgements, perceptions, and reactions, I realize its just plain easier to control ME than to micro-manage or mold another person, even if it’s to save them from heartache/problems/or struggles. After grinding myself down to dust, just trying to keep everyone “controlled or alive”- I’ve realized that its me that can make a change, maybe it’s me that needs help? I don’t even know, but all I do know is that I’ve given up the internal struggle to run the show. I can relax now and let life happen as it may, and now I’ve got a whole lot more room for the peace and love that I wanted/ needed all along!❤

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