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Awakening to Mastery

When a human is awakening to mastery, following the path of the lightworker and striving for unity through unconditional love, all things are available. There have been many Masters who have walked the Earth in human form. These Beings were able to do amazing things: heal the sick, resurrect the dead, teleport, manifest objects from thin air and much more.

Within you is the ability to be a Master. It is through facing your fears and learning to love all Beings unconditionally that your gifts will be restored. True unconditional love comes from understanding that each and every one of you came from the same Source and will eventually return to the same Source.

Take time to look at the dark energies within you, those shadows that are less than loving and kind. Clean out the cobwebs by facing your fears, apologize to others and take responsibility for your actions. You cannot raise vibrationally as long as you harbor dark feelings towards others and blame them for your station in life.

Dark thoughtforms glop together. Love flows freely. In order to raise your vibration, you must lighten up and let loose of your dark thoughts, words and actions. Set your intention to live the life of your dreams and visualize the utopian society you wish to dwell in.

Do you want peace in the world?

Then BE peaceful in every situation. There is nothing to DO, other than to wake up and lighten up. You simply have to BE.

Imagine what would happen if in this very moment, everyone on Earth chose to be silent for five minutes. During this silence, each accepted their role in all of the events that are now occurring on Earth.

What if every person decided that from this moment forward, they would treat all with kindness, respect and unconditional love? Can you imagine what would happen?

Every human is a master creator with the ability to make a positive impact on Earth and beyond.
Will you create harmony or disharmony this day? Being your awakening today!

Excerpt from Universal Truth © 2020  Theresa Crabtree. All Rights Reserved.
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