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You Are a Living Library

You are a living library. Picture yourself as a hologram of original Source, completely one with All. Know that you are not separated from Source; you are temporarily playing a part in a role your Higher Self has chosen. Your role on Earth is important for all of creation, for it allows all to experience everything through you.

Anything that has occurred can be accessed through the Akashic Records. As your body logs information during your daily walk, it is downloaded into the Records. Thus, you are a living library.

Every action you take, every emotion you feel is logged. It is important. You are unique. Only you can experience things in the way that you do. These records are stored for eternity. There are many who live on faraway planets, yet are able to access these records for their personal enjoyment. They also receive inspiration for their personal life stream and to create new worlds. You are that important!

You are adding to these Records every moment. They are rich with information and resources. These Records are open to you at anytime for your enjoyment and enrichment. To gain access, go within and ask for permission to enter the Hall of Records. As you make this a practice, you will find it easier to gain access. However, if your motives are not pure when requesting access to the Records of others, you will be denied.

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