Why Are Dark Entities Allowed On Earth?

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  1. Celeste

    I keep hearing over and over that they are here so we can learn and experience.

    1. admin

      They also can be our greatest teachers. When we’ve experienced enough of the dark, it can lead us to the Light and from there we can look beyond duality, remembering our Soul roots… then change direction in our lives.

  2. Nick

    Because Soure is evil that’s why evil is allow on earth. We all have our moments when we think Source is good an loves us. If we are smart however, we eventually realize this is ruse to earn our trust. I’ve been depressed for years and I asked for help from those connected to source but instead of feeling happier and more stable I struggle to have those feelings.

    1. admin

      What if Source allows you to be the creator of your reality (which is what a good creator would do)? When you look around, you will find many people who have hit “rock bottom,” but then changed their perspective and are now thriving. A person must take responsibility for their own thoughts, words and actions. They must face and overcome their fears. They would do well to seriously look at their core beliefs. Then change their behaviors accordingly. This would greatly assist in pulling oneself out of the mire enough to make a strong connection with their Spirit Team. From there, all things are possible. The work begins within, then having the discernment and intuition to approach the right teachers for help in awakening to the next step.

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