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Who’s calling my name?


In 1998, it had come to my mind that at times I would hear my name being called. I decided that the next time it happened, I would get quiet and ask, “Who’s calling my name?”

The next day, I was sunning myself in the backyard and heard my name being called. Silently, I asked who was calling. I very distinctly heard, “This is Ron.” It sounded like his voice and I was startled at how quickly and clearly the response came.

Ron and I were members of a local single’s club. Every Friday night, several dozen of us would meet to play tennis. One lady was responsible for setting up the teams, juggling people so we partnered with different people. Afterwards, many of us would go out for dinner.

Ron was rather vulgar and had added my email address to his “dirty joke” list. It took a couple of times for me to convince him that I wanted my email to be removed from this list. Our last email encounter was not all that graceful, which had put a wedge between us. For over a month, we avoided each other at all club events.

Right after I heard him calling my name while sunning, I went into the house to use the bathroom. On the way back, my computer was on and I did a quick check of my emails. There was one from Ron! I opened it and groaned, “Oh no, another gross joke!” Yet, the timing of the email piqued my curiosity. It had come in at the same time that I “heard” him calling my name.

I immediately emailed him and told him what happened. He said that he hadn’t been thinking of me. He also apologized for sending the dirty joke. He stated that he didn’t know how I got it because he had taken my email off the list several weeks ago. He even checked his list and sure enough, my email was not on the list.

The blessing was that it broke the ice. We took this opportunity to apologize to each other. When I went back to my lounge chair, I realized that this had been an answer to my prayer. I didn’t care for Ron, but I didn’t like the stress that had been created between us. Spirit found a unique way to push me into action. After that, Ron and I were comfortable seeing each other at tennis, dinner and other events.

I was hesitant to share this story, but decided to do so with the following warning. Dark entities can use this tactic to lure unsuspecting humans. They can imitate the voices of loved ones and anyone else. If you hear your name called, you might want to ask who is calling and see what happens. However, be very careful if you answer “the call.”

If you’ve had a similar experience, hearing someone calling your name, share below!

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