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What blessings are you witnessing?

What blessings have you experienced or witnessed as a result of the stay-at-home mandates?

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  1. Susan

    Our air quality has become so much better. This has also shined a light on the disparity between the rich vs the poor. I see people standing up to volunteer to provide food to people who can’t afford to buy food also now for people who lost their jobs and never stood in a line of a food bank even though they’ve always worked and were able to feed their families. (I have become so much more grateful for all that I have) I believe it’s brought us together on a global scale that we are all one people. We are all one people living on Mother Earth! The Celestial Gatherings are more important than ever! I am so grateful for you Theresa for bringing us together to these benevolent gatherings that are blessings to us all here on Mother Earth. I wish everyone blessings, health, peace and happiness!

  2. steven-robert: hinz

    While I echo Susan’s comments, I am witnessing the increase of patience that people appear to be demonstrating. Patience around how and how quickly they are being serviced at restaurants, hotels, and stores. I see others becoming more patient around the issue of money, where it comes from and how it is attracted.

    Nations, States, schools, businesses, families and individuals (“so above, so below”) are adapting to the current environment and finding new ways to communicate and function overall. Discovering efficiencies previously either not considered or not acted upon. I hear two quotes as I write this; “Necessity is the Mother of invention” and ” all things come in their time” because it took humankind to be in this context to accept these new processes. Which brings to mind the thought, “Mother/Source/Consciousness has created this context to ‘catalyze’ the changes needed for the next stage of our collective ascension”.

    For example, yesterday, a friend of mine whose company supplies the factory “farming” / slaughtering industry said, “20% of large scale slaughter houses in America are now closed due to covid. There are animals that are still alive, that are backed up in the system”. He also said, “I’ve converted my farm to produce winter beans so we can reduce our dependence on meat production and consumption.” Go to a store and you’ll see less meat in the fridges. Mainstream media just yesterday interviewed the new CEO of McDonald’s regarding supply chain shortages.

    Buddhists, Hindus, doctors, science, the ASPCA and even Burger King have been shouting this for quite some time and now. This “pandemic” has forced the issue. It appears that we’ve reached a tipping point. This is an opportunity for the food producers, processors, etc., all the way down to the individual (rich or poor / knowledgeable or ignorant) to move to a healthier more sustainable way to live. Healthier for us as individuals, and Mother Earth.

    With all these blessings, and I’m confident many more, we still need to be mindful so as to not lose those personal liberties that those in the dark seek to take from us in their mission to control others, like freedom of assembly and free speech.

    As always,
    Be of Joy,

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