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Gotta love validation!

I usually don’t watch TV or follow the books and videos of others. I always like to have my experiences first and then ask to have them validated. That way it feels more “pure” to me.

This week, while doing a tedious but “no brainer” task, I asked to be Guided to some videos I could listen to while I worked. I was Guided to go to and listen to the investigative journalist, Linda Moulton Howe’s series “Truth Hunter.” I am new to her work and have been getting excited because her research is validating soooo many of my experiences.

Last night, I watched her interview of “Tim,” a German “tactical advisor” regarding ET races that are in contact with earth. I kept thinking, “I can listen to him forever.” I ended up watching four episodes before pulling myself away from the computer around 2 am.

Linda would ask Tim a question and in most cases, I knew the response from my own experiences. Gotta love validation! Tim also was answering some of my own questions. I could tell that Linda was just as excited, because he was also answering her questions.

I may be a few years behind in listening to these old videos, but they are coming to me just as I am beginning to publicly share my own experiences. Up to now, I’ve been Guided to “keep a lid” on some of these things, so it’s good to get the validation as I move forward.

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