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Message from the Masters
Full Moon Celestial Gathering
April 7, 2020

Greetings Dear Ones,

We are honored to work beside you once again. This gathering falls on the anniversary date of our initial Celestial Gathering which took place on April 7, 2016. Several of you have been with us this since the beginning and we are ever grateful for your dedication in uplifting yourself as well as all of mankind, Gaia and her inhabitants… both those in the seen and the unseen realms… for we all are One.

We know that many of you are going through hardships and having to hold the burden of the collective consciousness during this viral outbreak. Yet, focus on the positive outcomes, for many are being jolted out of their complacency and beginning to look at life anew. We did not start this pandemic, but we are grateful for the positive aspects that we are witnessing.

As part of our gathering last night, as usual, each of you received more physical and energetic attunements. Since there is such a heaviness in the overall energies on earth at this time, you may feel these shifts in various ways. Thus, be mindful of your body and if you feel you should rest, do so. Be sure to stay hydrated with water, for this is the greatest need for your body and even moreso at this time.

We see great things coming for all who are awake and taking time to flush out the non-beneficial thoughts and actions from within.

Facing one’s fears and scrutinizing one’s beliefs are a necessary part of your daily walk, thus incorporate time to do so and you will richly reward yourself with renewed clarity and inner peace.

During this time of Transition, you can best serve yourself, those in your circle and spreading out through the earth and beyond by remaining peaceful… no matter what is happening around you. Remember that you are a spirit being having an earthly experience. From our vantage point we fully understand that life on earth is illusory and temporary, giving each of you an experience to express your creativity through the power of your mind and free will. Thus, choose what brings you joy and release those things within your mind, other people, material objects and obligations that are not yours to be met. This will give you the time, money and energy to pursue what you have been dreaming of.

Now more than ever, you are being offered a clean slate across the globe.

When things begin to normalize, you will see many changes including job structure, education online and many other opportunities that have been lying dormant at your fingertips. Things that may have held you back due to your own fear are more readily available to you and now becoming more of the norm.

We have been pleased to watch many of you begin online meetings and workshops and know that this will continue. Although it is still imperative to connect physically with others, you are finding the internet to be cheaper, not as stressful, and offers the ability to engage students from around the world. These types of gatherings are also softer on the earth, for there is less need for the airlines, cars and meeting places that lay a burden on earth from an ecological standpoint. You have likely seen the effects of the pollution in China before and after their stay-at-home experience. This clean-up of the environment is happening across the globe. Thus, use this knowledge and if it is reasonable, tailor your offerings to society in a manner that is also Gaia friendly.

We have also witnessed many people reaching out with compassion more than ever before.

This quickens our hearts with joy, for this brings you closer together. The main hurdle while in human form is to remember that we are all One. While in a material world, everything feels separate and this makes it easier to forget that what we do to ourselves and one other, affects all of us. Thus, expressing compassion and a helping hand during this extreme experience on earth is a movement towards unity that we hope will continue long after the virus goes dormant.

Know that you are never alone.

We are here 24/7/365 to assist you, but you must call on us, for we cannot intervene in your affairs without an open invitation to do so. We would like to remind you that if you make a one-time statement / prayer to supplicate us for assistance, nothing will be done unless you are putting forth an equal amount of energy. There must be balance.

To express this differently, many ask us for specific assistance such as, “I need help with my bills! Bring me abundance!” Yet, if one does not put the motion forward to seek employment, barter, or other means of producing abundance, your prayers will be nullified. A big obstacle we have is when the person is so fearful and energetically blocked, they can not hear our messages or even follow their own intuition that will lead them to the answers to their request. For this reason, it is imperative to work through fears, non-beneficial beliefs and to daily take time to “go within” in order to connect with your I Am Presence, while calling on us, the Masters.

Many of us have been in your shoes and we totally understand your emotions, fears and energetic blocks. However, follow in our footsteps, for you must be the one to pull yourself up by the bootstraps. It is up to you to release these blocks and to take better care of your body, as though it is your most sacred possession, for indeed, it is.

You cannot ascend out of duality as long as your remain horizontally encumbered in it.

To rise above duality, reach up for our help and do all in your power, every moment to make choices based on Divine Love, rather than anything that the world of duality offers you. It is not deeds that will raise you up. However, good deeds will help balance any karma you have accumulated throughout any of your earthly lifetimes. But one must pay attention to the true motivation behind their deeds.

Many fool themselves, thinking they know what is best for another. Yet, in most cases, none of you fully knows what is best for your own self, unless you are looking at your life from a higher perspective, more from “God-sight” rather than comparisons within duality. Thus, stretch your beliefs and begin to envision your life as you wish it to be. Know that every single calamity, beyond natural occurrences, that befalls earth is a product of man’s experience on earth. This goes back to the initial seeding of humans on earth. Thus, much negativity has been anchored here and is ready to be transmuted by the inner-jection of Divine Love. You have the ability and for many, the reason you came to earth originally and at this time is to inject Divine Love, using your body and energy field, similar to an acupuncture needle.

Thus, if you wish to fulfill your role in cleaning up any energetic messes you made during this and other lifetimes, and to help clean the collective messes of others, it is imperative to raise your energy to that of Divine Love. When enough of you are able to maintain inner peace and express Divine Love, you truly will experience earth as it was in the times of the “Garden of Eden,” before the energetic fall of humankind.

We love you beyond measure and do hope that you take this opportunity to challenge yourself to be the best that you can be.

Take care of your own business and then extend a hand to those who come to you for assistance. Be mindful to not take on their business as your own. Teach them to fish and let them take the initiative to catch their own fish. Also, be mindful not to press your beliefs onto them. Offer them seeds of what has helped you and let them choose what they will do with these seeds. When they do not follow your advice or opinions, be mindful not to be upset about this. It is not up to you to change them, only share what others are interested in learning from you. Allow yourself to expand as you wish and offer them the same gift. This creates an energetic balance and it also offers each of you a “safer” environment in which to express your unique talents as a conscious co-creator.

We are grateful for this opportunity to share with you. Please share this message with others you feel are open to receiving it. Make this a wonder full week for yourself!

The Masters

Dictated by Theresa Crabtree

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