Thank you, Coronavirus!

Everything happens with purpose and intention, we just need to find the lessons in them and use them for our own expansion as a soul and as a human race. So let's replace the frequency of fear with the frequency of gratitude so we can attract more things to be grateful for in our future.

Posted by Emanuelle McIntosh on Saturday, March 21, 2020

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  1. Charles S Blasdell

    That’s very true we won’t be the same and I feel the change all around me mother earth was crying and I feel that she is striking back telling us to listen to her.

  2. Karen

    Thank you for posting this and sharing space to reflect on the message too. While I am deeply concerned to have a forboding sense of “Am I the only one’? I am grateful to see messages such as this. Thank you very much for sharing and providing a strong sense of seeing what we have done and the hope there are enough of us to hold down the fort as we come together to support each other. Together we can overcome this debilitating challenge on behalf of each other and most especially out home, The Earth.

  3. Jo Sinclair

    🙏🏻💫🌌💝 a gift in the awakening of humankind.

  4. steven-robert: hinz

    Amen. Nameste. It is so. Be of Joy.

  5. Jeanie Zak

    I love it! Goosebumps! I’ve been thanking it and sending it love! 🙂 <3

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