Joe Kinney

When people think of prisons, they often believe they are full of murderers, child molesters, rapists, drug dealers, and gang members, but the truth is that our prisons are full of people, young and old, who come from a wide range of hard backgrounds. These people are in great need of lessons that can teach them how to find their true selves, before they were influenced by people and environments that proved to be cruel, harsh, mean, thoughtless and even criminal.

Not everyone in prison is a cold, or exact reflection of the crimes they committed that sent them to prison. The truth is that many (if not the majority) of prisoners would do better if they knew better.

I have been incarcerated for 36 years for crimes that, sadly, I did commit when I was 19. The greatest help for me in becoming the man I am today has been through the enlightenment, awareness, guidance and truth I have found through the self-empowering and guiding books such as Mayan Messages and Universal Truth. These books helped me to see the real me, without the cloud of false perceptions that filled my vision before. They helped me to set my feet on a corrected course of self-reflection, self-awareness, and self-empowerment, as well as my impact on the lives of those around me and my environment.

I spent many, many years looking for help before I was finally able to find and receive the help I needed in these books. How many people have died in prison or been released without these vital tools? Prison is supposed to be a place where people can find an opportunity for rehabilitation, then be reintegrated back into society as viable and productive members of society.

I have personally seen others who were able to receive these dynamic self-empowering guides and have made successful transitions back into society and are now contributing to their communities and their family’s wellbeing. Without the guidance and insights offered in these self-empowerment books, these goals may not have been achieved in this lifetime, in fact I’ve heard as much from some of these men who have gotten out of prison.

Society needs our prisoners to learn from their mistakes and to reach their full potential. Potential is found in these self-empowering books if the prisoner can obtain these extremely valuable sources of help, guidance, and enlightenment. Keeping this in mind, we can clearly see it is therefore in everyone’s best interest if we can help provide the necessary tools to prisoners so that their lives may not become a wasted resource when our society, as a whole, needs everyone to be involved in this adventure we call life.

With your donation, you have the ability to be part of the solution.

Thank you, Joe Kinney

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