Child Caretakers

In many situations, children are much wiser and on higher frequencies of love than their caretakers. The importance of allowing children to make choices for themselves cannot be overemphasized.  Caretakers role-model what they have learned, extending their fears and myths onto children. This may hamper their productivity. It is imperative to pay close attention to what you are modeling to them. Anything other than love and kindness is abusive and detrimental. Although many are doing these things without intentionally meaning to be harmful. Any moment…


Evolution: Moving On

What is evolution? Evolution simply means to change or progress from one way of being to another. Do you not see yourself evolving when you gain deeper understanding of love and how to implement it in your life? Many compare evolution to ascension, yet in reality, they are the same.  The term “ascension” in its esoteric form was coined by those who understood that each emotion carries a specific frequency. Love and gratitude are two of the highest frequencies while fear and hate are very…


Face Your Fear

Face your fear and switch your attitude and belief to a more positive desire in order to manifest higher vibrational experiences. When people have been hurt, they may live their life expecting this to occur again and then live according to that belief. Fear is one of the strongest emotions that humans possess. If you focus on fearful things, you are likely to manifest the things you fear.   The more passion you give to your intentions, the more likely you will make the change.…


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