Every Day is a Gift

Every Day is a Gift Message from the Masters 113020 Celestial Gathering Greetings Dear Ones, We have the utmost respect and Love for each of you as you awaken and move out of your “comfort zone.” We recognize that life is similar to a battleground, whichever way you look, on Earth at this time. Your trials and tribulations in many ways are much more difficult than when we walked the land. However, on the other hand, you have many more “creature comforts” and assistance available…


Soul Connection 82 ~ Priorities

How often do you take time to do nothing? Do you take time to pamper yourself, take a nap when you are tired or read a book for pleasure? Do you have quality time with your friends? Do you fill your days and nights with so many activities that you live on the edge of exhaustion? Are you pursuing your true desires and passions? Do you meditate and relax each day? Do you take time to relax with your family and loved ones without the…


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