Releasing the Old

Message from the Masters New Moon Celestial Gathering November 15, 2020 Hello Dear Ones, We experience much joy in communion with you. We encourage you to take time to go inward and do what is necessary to keep yourself centered and in peace. Know that the more that you focus on what you do not want to experience, the more you will draw it near to you. Things seem to be a bit backwards at times, but when one considers the truth of this, it…


Gratitude Meditation

If possible, do this gratitude meditation while in nature or your yard. If not, cozy up with a houseplant or a photo of one. Spend several moments caressing a plant or sitting with a tree. Focus solely on your breathing. On your inhale, breathe in oxygen and the fragrance of the plant. On your exhale, give gratitude to the plant for providing the oxygen that you breathe. Continue with this simple exercise until you are completely relaxed and have worked up a warm feeling of…


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