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Releasing the Old

Message from the Masters
New Moon Celestial Gathering
November 15, 2020

Hello Dear Ones,

We experience much joy in communion with you. We encourage you to take time to go inward and do what is necessary to keep yourself centered and in peace. Know that the more that you focus on what you do not want to experience, the more you will draw it near to you. Things seem to be a bit backwards at times, but when one considers the truth of this, it is easier to see why things that are chaotic can easily blind you.

On the September equinox, we offered you a ninety-day challenge to go within each day and to ferret out what no longer serves you. Only a few are taking the challenge seriously and going in quite often. Those of you who are doing the inner work are already experiencing what feels like miracles as you shake off the old and replace the void with more love from the Divine.

If you have not been participating in the challenge, consider doing so. You can start from this day and work forward during the next 90 days. At the least, determine to nurture yourself more by taking the time to do your “inner work.” During these times, nurture yourself in any manner that brings you joy. This could be as simple as a warm, relaxing bath or more intense such as taking on a new job, hobby, exercise routine, etc.

Be sure to nurture the “child within” by taking time to enjoy activities that give you pleasure. With the Christmas season fast approaching, consider buying yourself a gift that you enjoyed when you were a child. This could be a card game, board game, bubbles, roller skates… whatever you used to do but have put on the back burner. Lighten up by having some silly fun.

We see that oftentimes as one gets more focused on their spiritual awakening, they begin to let slide the earthly pleasures. This was never meant to be. In fact, the oppositive is closer to the truth. The whole idea of creating a planet such as earth was to experience physicality and the things one wouldn’t be able to fully embrace while residing in a non-physical form. We can blow bubbles and jump rope up here, but it is not the same as having the physical objects and experiencing the effects of gravity while learning to master something new or simply being spontaneous.

Below is the challenge that has been offered as our gift / reminder to you. Releasing the mental, physical and emotional blocks from this life and other lives will be the greatest holyday gift you can give to yourself. The December solstice and New Year’s Eve are typical times that are honored as the beginning of a new cycle. This is an excellent time to shuck off the old in preparation for beginning the next cycle around the sun.  If love and  joy are what you wish to experience during this next cycle, then add  more of it into your daily life!


Go within and seek the areas where you feel off balance. Ask for assistance in being shown how to release the dark/negative portions of your psyche. As you release the associated emotions, fears and limiting beliefs, fill the void with more light and positivity.

Challenge yourself during this entire season to spend a few moments each day to do this each time your buttons are pushed or when you feel off balance with a person, place or situation. We can assure you that you will remove many of the energetic blocks that are currently playing havoc on your physical, mental, emotional and identity planes.

We love you beyond measure. Always. All ways.
The Masters

*** Dictated by Theresa Crabtree
Please share in its entirety with anyone who has “ears to hear.”
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