Breathe Love Meditation

While in human form, unconditional love becomes very difficult for those who are not clearly and consciously connected to Source. When you feel separate from the Creator, feelings of anger, frustration and the evils of the world can be overwhelming. By connecting consciously with Source, you will harmonize at a higher frequency, making it easier to regain your composure. There are many ways to connect with Source. If you have a method that works for you, continue what you are doing and consider sharing your…


Love, Gratitude and Peace Meditation

Experience this love, gratitude and peace meditation every day. If possible, go into nature and take a gentle walk. Pay attention to all you see around you. Let the love of Source fill your Being while basking in the glory of your Essence. Slowly and deeply, breathe in and out in cycles. With the first inbreath, inhale pure love from Source feeling every cell in your body filled with this love. As you breathe out, send love back to Source. On the second inbreath, inhale…


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