Q&A Session after the Celestial Gathering on Dec 3, 2021

https://youtu.be/DWA2Zgl_ZCc During this Q&A session, we touched on topics including: Near Death Experiences Calling on Angels for Help False Prophets and Shamans on Social Media Receiving Downloads from Spirit The SoulCleanse Team Consider joining us for a future Celestial Gatherings and the lively Q&A that follows! For more information and to register, please visit: http://www.theresacrabtree.com/events We meet LIVE via Zoom or enjoy the blessings at your convenience through the recording. Join us for this important work of personal and planetary healing and alignment!  


Near Death Experience

Near Death Experience: Before incarnation, you are given possible exit points that are determined by your Higher Self. Exit points are times when you superconsciously choose to die. These exit points come at times when it is likely you will have attained the experiences or reasons you came to Earth. Sometimes, your Higher Self sets up scenarios when you nearly die as a way to get you back on track. Due to the state of amnesia when you incarnate in this Realm, you may take…


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