Q & A on several topics

Theresa Crabtree, creator of the SoulCleanse®, candidly answers questions on a variety of topics including: Reptileans under the White House The Importance of Meditation How to Connect to God and Higher Self Is Satan and Hell real? Releasing Earthbound Spirits Energy Vampires Dark Entities that go to the Light Free Will https://youtu.be/VCXGlcfLwd0


New Video Interview with Theresa and Friends

Theresa Crabtree and Katerina Lenarcic explore topics such as: Dark Entities and Self-Generated “Demons” The Importance of Shadow Work Healing from Emotional Trauma Clearing Stuck Emotional Energies How to Master Your Life How to Meet Your Higher Self Spiritual Tools Fears and Limiting Beliefs For more information on Theresa’s services and books, visit: https://www.theresacrabtree.com For information on Katerina’s work, visit: beyourtrueself.setmore.com https://youtu.be/z-yJCfXi23Y


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