Celebrate You!

CELEBRATE YOU! Today, let's celebrate YOU!  How often do you take time to be grateful for the person you are? If you would do this more often (every moment), your life would be much grander! Your Soul and Spirit Guides say, “Thank you!” Without your experiences on Earth, they would not be as enriched. By having the privilege of working with you, they are filled with joy. Take time now to thank yourself. Every thought, word and action you have ever generated has spread throughout…


Abundance Mantra

Abundance Mantra I am worthy; I am gold. Nothing new and nothing old. Bring to me what I am worth, shucking all the thoughts of dearth. Know that you are worthy of all abundance. You are of more value than gold. Just as gold is precious in this world, your Soul is precious in this realm and beyond. All is here for your enjoyment. Know your worth and receive the blessings provided for you. Only your belief of unworthiness keeps you in lack. While you…


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