Spirit Guides

What are Spirit Guides? How can I meet them? 

These questions and more were flooding my mind. 

I had just finished receiving a psychic reading and was shocked by the opening statement, “I see 26 angels and guides around you.”

My mind was reeling. 

Who were they? Why were there so many? 
Why were they around me? 
Did they have a message for me? 

I decided to find out and developed a simple plan of action. For the next few weeks, I “called” them in, one at time. With each, I asked the same three questions.

Within this book are the startling, sometimes humorous and oftentimes humbling responses.

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These 26 Spirit Guides taught me how the universe operates, my life mission and so much more! 

You will be enthralled with their words of wisdom and inspired by their outpouring of love. 

Included are suggestions to assist you to communicate deeply with your own angels and guides.

Beyond the Veil: Spirit Guides is the first in
a series of “Beyond” books in which Theresa Crabtree shares her fascinating mystical life experiences and the valuable messages she learned from each. 

Prepare to expand your mind!