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Higher Self and Spirit Guides

New Moon Celestial Gathering
Message from the Masters
Higher Self and Spirit Guides
August 30, 2019


We are deLIGHTed to be in close communion with you once again. We offer the following words of encouragement to you.

Take time each day to go within and give some attention to one thing that has you feeling off balance. Begin by sitting in a comfortable position where you will not be distracted for at least 20 minutes. Take several deep and slow breaths in and then out. Continue until you feel your body relaxing. Soon your mind will relax as you enter into an altered brain wave pattern. This is when the concerns of the day will begin to melt away.

You are a holographic part of the Higher Self that “created” you in this human incarnation. You are one with each other. There is never a separation. It may feel that way if you have created blocks due to fear and misguided beliefs. However, you are never disconnected. Your Higher Self and Spirit Team are not off in some distant realm. You are always connected and in the same “area,” just in a realm that is not physical.

Connect with your Higher Self and your personal Spirit Team. Tell them the purpose of the connection. This could be to just feel their love. Perhaps you have a problem that you are seeking a solution to. There could be an imbalance with a person that you would like direction on. Maybe you are trying to make a choice on relocation or another job. It could be something simple such as which route to take on your next shopping trip. There is no problem or request too small or too large.

Your Higher Self and Spirit Guides already know what you desire.

They know what you desire on the deepest level, even when you are hiding the truth from yourself. There are no secrets. Your Higher Self created you and chose the blueprint for your life on earth. However, you are given Free Will to choose how to respond to every opportunity that presents itself. Your inner GPS which will lead you to your heart’s desire and/or lead you toward the experiences that were chosen before you incarnated. Your heart’s desire and the chosen Path do not always match. Thus, at any time, you can take some side paths that may or may not serve you well. This often happens when you are blinded by fear or misguided beliefs that you hold onto.

Whatever choice you make is not judged by your Higher Self or Spirit Guides.

However, each choice leads to a series of new opportunities, depending on how you act or react upon it. At any time, when you have had enough of a specific experience, you can choose again. You will still need to clean up any messes you made leading up to the new choice. There is no value in “crying over spilt milk.” The spilt milk has its own blessings, helping you to fine-tune what you do and what you do not want to experience again. Choose the perspective of gratitude for the lesson learned, rather than playing the blame, shame and guilt game that will keep you locked in duality. Simply roll up your sleeves, clean up the mess and start choosing what you would rather experience.

It matters not if there are specific reasons for incarnating on earth at this time. Every reason has one common denominator. It allows you the chance to choose the current experience from the perspective of unconditional love or one that is fear-based. That is the bottom line. The more you choose unconditional love, the higher up the ladder to ascension you will rise. With every choice, you either rise up a rung or step down a rung. Your Higher Self and Team will support you with either choice, while whispering in your ear the path that will lead upwards. They may “roll their eyes” over some of the choices you make, but they do not judge you. Instead, they stay focused on how they can encourage you to get back on the Unconditional Love path.

The greatest judge of any human is him or herself.

Others will judge you, as well. Always remember that their judgment of you is simply their opinion. You can look for any value in it or discard it fully. When you find that you are judging yourself in a berating way, then lighten up, and change your perspective. Look with an attitude of gratitude at the blessings that came from this choice. Then use this hindsight to help you make a choice that leads to your greatest opportunity to express more unconditional love… to yourself and others.

Your time on earth is truly the “twinkling of an eye” when it comes to your Higher Self and all of Creation. Begin to pull away from drama that does not serve you. Instead, seek out the beauty that surrounds you. Be the person that you want to be. Find your passion and find ways to express it. The only thing that will ever limit you is the belief that you are limited. Granted, there are some laws you have to follow, such as defined by gravity. But when you are in meditation, those laws don’t apply, so have fun exploring as you fly about the cosmos.

Remember that you came to earth to be a part of earth.

Many are finding great problems while exploring lower astral planes on their own. This is a low frequency place where many dark beings reside. So, beware of falling into their snares. It is best to stay in your conscious state of being as a human. Leave the “out of body” experiences to those in which you are connected with your Higher Self and Spirit Guides. If they deem that you are ready for a specific journey or knowledge, they will safely escort you.

For now, we bid thee adieu.
We are always available to you.
Whether rain or shine, night or day,
We are always simply a prayer away.

With much love,

The SoulCleanse Team

P.S. You are encouraged to share this message in its entirety, along with this post script.
Many Blessings,
Theresa Crabtree

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