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Speak Your Truth

How many times has someone asked you a question, seeking your advice, yet you were too uncomfortable to speak your truth? Perhaps in the past, you were ridiculed or had a relationship tattered because you had the courage to speak your truth. To protect yourself, you created a belief such as, “Telling the truth is not safe.” As a result, telling white lies became a habit. Other truths were built on these white lies until you become unsure of what your truth is. Many are living their life based on a foundation that is unstable, unconsciously creating walls that are destined to crumble.

You have the choice to tear down the unstable walls and to restructure your foundation. It will take courage, but you have the ability within to rediscover your true Self, to make decisions and take the necessary actions to create the life of your dreams. The best time to start is now. Will you choose to build a life around falsehoods or make the effort to create a life based on your Truth? Do you know what your Truth is? Do your thoughts, words, actions and emotions reflect what you hold to be true?

Speak your truth regardless of how others may view you.

There may be ripples in your relationships, but those that accept you for who you are will remain close. All others will fall away, for it is the “false you” they were attracted to. You will then pull in those who are attracted to the “real you.” Be true to yourself and you will have much more ability to reach out to others, coming from a deeper understanding of love and compassion.

Role-play the things you wish to say to others and how you will maintain your integrity when someone resists you. As you empower yourself in one area, you will find it easier to be true to yourself in other areas of your life.

The key is to know what your truth is. Many times, the truth is buried so deep, it is hard to know what you truly believe. It is good to have open-minded conversations with others, listening to their beliefs and integrating those that resonate with you. Life is about learning, exploring and changing. Allow yourself to be a free-thinker and to live outside the norm. This is what makes life worth living.

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