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Space for Love

Create a space for love within yourself. As a result, you will attract high quality relationships.

Relationships generally fall apart because initially one or both partners were not being authentic when they first met. Both put on their best behavior, acting out roles they thought would attract the other person. Eventually, the role becomes a heavy burden and each begins to revert to their old habits. If these habits are not within the parameters each has set as acceptable, then friction results.

At one point, the chasm between their authentic selves becomes too wide and the couple parts.  How much better would it be to find your authentic self and enter all relationships fully in your integrity?

Look within and heal the wounds you have allowed to fester. Release negative thoughts and judgments by allowing all to follow their own Paths. Choose habits that are healthy for you. Seek employment that brings you joy. Choose friends and lovers who are compatible with the real you.

Brush off the cobwebs of negative thinking, clean the windows to let in more light and sweep away unwanted habits. Once you have created your space for love, you will naturally draw people to you who are like-minded. Among those associates, you will have a better chance of finding a suitable soul mate and loving friends.

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