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Soul Connection 95 ~ Creating Time and Energy

Take a few moments to relax your muscles and to let go of the concerns of the day. Breathe deeply in and out to oxygenate your cells and to increase the energy running through your body.

Does your work fill you with energy or deplete you? Are you able to take a day or two to rest when you are sick and tired? Is there another type of work you would rather be doing? Take these things into consideration and decide whether it is in your best interest to find a better-suited form of income for yourself. Have the courage to make the necessary changes.

Consider weeding out activities and relationships that are not fulfilling. Let go of friends that drain you emotionally or keep you involved in activities that do not hold your interest. Limit time with family members that drain you. Do you need to set new parameters with those you are in relationship with? Perhaps you are the problem. Do you impose your beliefs, wants and needs on others? Be selective with the movies, tv programs, social media and the books you read.

Take a look at your physical space. Are you obsessed with cleanliness and organization to the point where you and others are unable to enjoy your environment? Is your space dirty and cluttered, making it hard to find what you need? Consider de-cluttering and perhaps looking into the art of feng shui for ideas on how to create a place of peace in your surroundings. Your outer world is a reflection of your inner self. As you make the outward changes, you will find yourself feeling more at peace and relaxed.

As you gain mastery over time and energy, your life will explode with a force that will astound you. When you look at people such as Gandhi and Mother Teresa, you can’t help but wonder how one person could make such an influence in the world. Each of them consciously chose where to place their energy. Much of their time was spent in prayer and meditation, taking care of their own mental, emotional, physical and spiritual needs first. These practices allowed them to have enough time and energy to create an impact on the Earth. You too, can do such things with your life when you manage your time and energy more efficiently.
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