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Soul Connection 9 ~ Uni-Verse ~ One Voice

Before any worlds were created, all existed in a state of perfect love. There was no sense of time or space. All that existed were like wispy clouds, floating in and out. There was no such thing as being an individual, all simply was One. There came a time when the essence of One wanted to experience “other” and through many eons, innumerable episodes of “separation, individuality and not-love” have been experienced.

Everyone on earth, in every moment, is creating and living a unique play that can be enjoyed by others. All are operating on different levels of understanding and awareness. You are a teaching guide, for others can watch and learn from what you experience. Follow your intuition and allow yourself to walk along the path of discovery. From the universal perspective, no thing is “wrong” or “right,” all is simply an experience.

If you want to experience peacefulness, then find ways to create harmony, no matter what frustrations are presented to you. As you learn more of the dishonesty and treachery imposed upon you from those in places of authority, quickly move from anger to compassion. Choose to focus on what you wish to experience and let the rest be. Fear and anger glop together and can cause extensive problems. The energy of love flows freely. Be part of the soul-ution, not the problem.

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