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Soul Connection 86 ~ Think Again

One of the laws of the universe is that “like attracts like.” If you are continually focused on being a victim and believe that everyone is out to get you or that you have bad luck, this is what you will attract to you. Your thoughts and what you pay attention to are what create your reality. In every situation, there will be people who see blessings and those who will focus on its curses. The good news is you have the ability within yourself to transcend negative thinking. Once you gain control of your thoughts, you will then be able to release beliefs and change behaviors that have kept you locked into negative thinking.
Do you feel locked in suspension, not knowing which way to go? Do you feel stagnant, afraid to make a wrong choice? Go inward and allow yourself to experience what feels best in the current moment. Throughout life you will be presented with multitudes of ideas. All have their credence and validity. Take for yourself that which feels right. Try it on. If it doesn’t fit, make another selection.
Your life will be enhanced when your thoughts center on paying attention to the divinity within rather than on the differences between others. Life will be lived in a more loving manner when you set aside your differences and love one another.
If your thoughts take you to places that are not in alignment with the life you choose, think again. You may say it is too tedious to monitor your thoughts. Yet, look how tedious your life is when you do not monitor your thoughts. Go within each day and notice where you focus your attention. Change your thinking in areas that do not resonate with you. Strive for joy and joy will be yours!
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