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Soul Connection 84 ~ Uncovering Beliefs

Many beliefs are set up as a form of protection or a reaction to unpleasant events. They may not be relevant to your life today. When these buttons are pushed by others, it sometimes leads to confusion. You wonder to yourself, “Why did that bother me so much?” Pay attention to these thoughts. When they arise, take time to go within and find when this feeling first started. You may need to uncover layers of beliefs and negative thinking as you go.

Look at the beliefs you created as a child in a more mature manner. Start weeding out the things you say and do that no longer fit into your paradigm. Step out of your box and start creating a unique blend of shapes and colors that better matches your individual self.

As you awaken to your potential, you will consciously create your own reality. This is what life is about: discovery, potential and joy. As you support others and recognize the rules you created, you will leave behind social norms that kept you separate. This is the beginning of unconditional love.

Become aware of the rules you live by, for many of them no longer have any importance. Dare to be unique and let your creative juices flow. Find your passion and use it to create the reality you wish to experience. Support others as they work towards living the life of their dreams. Enjoy and celebrate each other’s uniqueness. Isn’t a canvas full of color and design of much more interest than one painted all the same color? This blending of talent and abilities is what makes the Earth such a wonderful place to be. Allow yourself to flow. Seek out those needless beliefs and soar like an eagle!

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