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Soul Connection 79 ~ Never Ending Journey

Have you discovered the bonds that material objects hold on you? Take stock of how much time, money and energy is needed to maintain and replace the physical items you have amassed. Once you let go of things that no longer serve you, this frees you to pursue what ignites your passion.

When you outgrow and release incompatible people and events, you have more time and energy to commune with others who are closer to your heart. You may unknowingly become a role model as others watch you have a more fulfilling life. Inner peace and joy are more precious than the giving or receiving of material objects.

When you expect something in return for your efforts, there is often dissatisfaction when your blinders are set solely on the outcome. Remove your blinders and watch in amazement as you discover myriads of options and experiences that were hidden before. By taking your focus off the reward at the end of the destination, you are more likely to discover an abundance of possibilities along the journey.
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